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Nick Cannon Weight Loss Journey: Diet & Workout Routine

Host of America Got Talent, Nick Cannon’s recent pictures have made him go viral. It appears that Nick Cannon has been following a strict weight loss journey. So, let’s get into the details.

Nicholas Scott Cannon, famously known as Nick Cannon, is an American actor, comedian, and rapper born in 1980 on October 8th.

Netizens often recognize him as the host from his work on various TV shows.

Some famous shows he has hosted are America’s Got Talent, The Masked Singer, and his show, The Nick Cannon Show.

Apart from hosting these famous shows, Nick has also appeared in various movies as an actor.

Some of his movies include Love Don’t Cost a Thing and Drumline.

However, people are currently talking about Nick not for his acting but for his incredible weight loss journey.

Inspiring Weight Loss Journey Of Nick Cannon: Battling Lupus With Discipline

The weight loss journey of Nick Cannon began after he unfortunately discovered that he had a health condition called lupus in the year 2012.

The only way he could manage his health and deal with the illness was to follow a strict workout routine and a healthy diet.

Since then, keeping himself in shape has been important in Nick’s life.

Nick Cannon wiki
Apart from acting and working out, Nick also likes to be at the top of his game in fashion. (Source: Twitter)

In an interview with GQ, Nick says that even though he is very disciplined in keeping up with his weight loss journey, he sometimes finds himself getting distracted.

He adds that drinking 2 gallons of water daily and taking vitamins and medicines is one of his most important routines.

However, he got better after doing that for a while and slacked off on the routine.

Regarding his diet, Nick follows a strict food habit with zero sodium. Further, he also likes to avoid processed foods.

Due to his condition, he is also unable to eat certain green vegetables because of their high amount of vitamin K.

Nick Cannon weight loss
The weight loss journey of Nick Cannon is truly incredible and shows his hard work. (Source: Twitter)

Nick says he did not enjoy following the diet but did it anyway for almost a year.

It helped him keep himself in shape; however, he does not follow the same diet right now.

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Nick Cannon Breaks Free: From Strict Diet To Enjoyable Clean Eating & Extreme Workouts

The reason for Nick to stop the strict diet is because he felt that he was getting confined.

Although Nick enjoyed the perks of maintaining such a strict diet, he still wanted to enjoy food.

Nick Cannon now says he follows a clean eating habit and avoids eating pork or processed foods.

By doing this, he still gets to have fun while eating.

Moreover, to avoid the extra weight, Nick Cannon has a great trainer to get him in tune with his weight loss journey.

Nick Cannon Pulling Truck
Nick says he loves working on himself, which makes him happy. (Source: Twitter)

He likes to put a great emphasis on just being active throughout the day in any kind of way.

However, Nick Cannon does more than just being active throughout the day to keep himself in shape.

He likes lifting heavy concrete slabs and cylinder blocks to speed up his workout routine.

He wakes up in the morning and works out for over an hour.

After the hour-long grinding, he likes to pull up a 15-lb sledgehammer and do his upside-down pull-ups.

Another thing that Nick likes to add to his workout routine is dragging his 6500 LB Truck across the parking lot.

Some of the routines that Nick Cannon follows in his workout for his weight loss include Cable Crunch, Dumbbell Bench V-up, and Rainbow Leg Raise.

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