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Why Is Nick Wayne Mom Shayna Making The Headlines?

People are talking about adding a new name to the roster – Shayna Wayne, the mom of Nick Wayne. There’s a lot of interest and searches about her due to various headlines.

Nick Wayne is the son of the legendary pro wrestler Buddy Wayne and the model Shayna Wayne. Moreover, Nick is a third-generation wrestler. He is also known as the grandson of “Moondog” Ed Moretti.

Furthermore, Buddy Wayne, Nick’s late father, never officially retired from wrestling but limited his in-ring appearances. However, whenever he entered the ring, it was a veteran show.

It’s not surprising that pro wrestlers’ families become part of the show’s storyline, and the mother of Nick Wayne also got involved.

Alongside her modeling ventures showcased on her Instagram, Shayna Wayne recently made headlines for her appearance on AEW Dynamite.

This has sparked excitement among fans eager to learn the full story about the mom of Nick Wayne.

Nick Wayne Mother: Shayna Wayne On AEW Dynamite?

People are buzzing about the mother of Nick Wayne, Shayna Wayne, formerly Shayna Edwards, who has wrestling connections. Her uncle, Moondog Ed Moretti, was a wrestling legend.

Recently, she made headlines after appearing on AEW Dynamite and her first appearance at the WrestleDream pay-per-view in 2023.

Likewise, Shayna was part of the ‘two out of three falls‘ match for the TNT Championship between Christian Cage and Darby Allin. Christian Cage, the New People’s Champion, referenced Wayne’s dad for a while.

Shayna with her son and husband standing and smiling
Shayna has been running the professional wrestling school since Buddy’s passing (Source: Instagram)

In a recent episode of Dynamite, during a Christian promo, Shayna became the victim of Cage’s mistimed move. She was about to face a vicious chair shot when Adam Copeland came to her rescue.

Despite Christian’s attempts to humiliate Shayna and order an attack, Adam rushed to the ring, forcing the heel group to retreat.

In Chicago on AEW Dynamite, Christian renamed Nick Wayne ‘The Prodigy’ Nick Wayne, who was eager to comply.

Later, Shayna tried to intervene as Christian berated her and Wayne’s late father. Luchasaurus stood between them, but an angered Christian shoved Luchasaurus, causing him to crash into Shayna.

Shayna and nick sitting in couch
Shayna wished Nick a happy birthday (Source: Instagram)

The wrestling tradition of involving family members in storylines continues, with Shayna possibly playing a crucial role in The Patriarchy’s feud with Adam Copeland.

With the mother of Nick Wayne’s strong connection to the business, running the Buddy Wayne Wrestling School, she might make more appearances on AEW shows in the future.

Other than these recent ones, there have been a few in the past where the mom of Nick Wayne was in the headlines.

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Additional Headlines Related To Shayna Wayne

After making headlines, people are eager to know more about Shayna Wayne, the mother of Nick Wayne. Shayna has previously appeared on AEW programming, notably attending the WrestleDream pay-per-view in October 2023.

On October 18, 2023, Nick and his mom joined host Jim Ross on an episode of Dynamite. During the interview, Nick Wayne seemingly disowned his mom, discussing his decision to favor Christian Cage at WrestleDream.

Moreover, Nick mentioned finding a new “fatherly figure” in Christian Cage, stating that Christian Cage was a better father figure than his dad ever was.

Poster from Jim Ross interview
In the interview, Shayna tried to decipher the reason her son turned on Allin (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, Christian Cage joined the segment, attempting to take Nick with him. In a dramatic moment, Nick’s mom, Shayna, burst into tears and tried to stop him.

In a heated exchange, Nick called her a “terrible mother,” she responded with a slap. Shayna quickly posted the interview clip on her Instagram.

While some may see it as realistic, fans familiar with wrestling storylines consider it a dramatic scenario for a potential new storyline.

Before hitting the headlines, Shayna, initially known as the wife of the famous wrestler, was active on Instagram.

According to her bio, she is the daughter of Moondog Ed Moretti and currently serves as the owner of The Buddy Wayne Academy, which was established in 2006.

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