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Is Nicole Malliotakis Gay? Partner And Sexuality Of Congress Rep.

Gay rumors of Nicole Malliotakis have been circulating lately because she declared that she regrets voting against same-sex marriage. Are the rumors true or false? Let’s get more information about this.

Nicole Malliotakis was born on November 11, 1980, in the Manhattan borough of New York City.

She is an American politician serving as the U.S. representative for New York’s 11th congressional district since 2021.

She, as a Trump-loving state assemblymember, used her votes and influence to vote against efforts to improve LGBTQ rights.

Nicole had voted against same-sex marriage and the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA).

Due to this reason, there was widely false and transphobic narratives.

Later, Nicole Malliotakis regretted her vote against same-sex marriage, which led the netizens to believe that she was gay or lesbian.

So, is Nicole Malliotakis gay? Let’s explore more about Nicole’s sexuality and gender.

Is Nicole Malliotakis Gay? Gender And Sexuality

The 43-year-old Nicole Malliotakis’ sexuality has been a topic of interest for many netizens.

However, Nicole Malliotakis has not addressed the topic, so there is no truth to the rumors of her being gay.

Nicole with her puppy.
Malliotakis worked as a community liaison for a former State Senator. (Source: Instagram)

Nicole Malliotakis was rather married to Edward Delgatti, whom she met while attending Wagner College in Staten Island.

She tied the knot with Edward in 2003, and later, in 2015, they divorced.

Currently, she is not in a relationship or has a partner and is focused on her career and public service.

Despite having a divorce, Malliotakis and Delgatti still remained good friends.

In addition, Nicole Malliotakis and her spouse at that time also did not have any children.

The rumors of Nicole Malliotakis being gay might also have risen due to these reasons.

Nevertheless, they do not mean or support the gay rumors surrounding the Malliotakis.

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From Attorney To Politics: Malliotakis Early Life And Politics

Nicole Malliotakis moved to Staten Island when she was 2 years old and grew up in Great Kills.

She was the daughter of immigrants; her mother was from Cuba, and her father was from Greece.

Her mother worked as a teacher, and her father as a mechanic in New York City for over two decades.

Malliotakis is bilingual, fluent in Spanish, English, and a bit of Greek. In addition to that, she was also a member of the Greek Orthodox Church.

Nicole in Thanksgiving.
Nicole is bilingual, fluent in English, Spanish, and a little Greek. (Source: Instagram)

Nicole Malliotakis graduated from Wagner College with a degree in political science and later earned her law degree from Saint John’s University School of Law.

Later, she worked as an attorney for the New York City Department of Educationand servedg as legal counsel for the New York State Senate.

After leaving her role as an attorney, Malliotakis entered the political sphere.

Nicole Malliotakis with StatenIsland's newest citizen John.
Nicole Malliotakis left her role as an attorney and moved toward politics. (Source: Twitter)

Malliotakis made a significant contribution to committees pertaining to education and codes after being elected to the New York State Assembly in 2010.

In the 2020 U.S. House of Representatives race, she defeated incumbent Democrat Max Rose thanks to her political skill.

As she voted against the efforts to improve the rights of LGBTQ, she received many counterblasts.

Thereafter, Nicol,e in 2017, expressed her deep regret in voting against same-sex marriage and ensuring fellow Americans have their right to equal marriage.

Nevertheless, assuming a public figure’s sexuality as per some assumptions is baseless.

Estimates of Nicole Malliotakis’s wealth range from $1 million to $5 million, coming from her variety of assets.

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