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Nirav Tolia Wikipedia, Wife: NextDoor CEO & Guest On Shark Tank

The captivating odyssey of Nirav Tolia, ascending to the visionary founder of game-changing companies, has sparked a fervent search of his Wikipedia among netizens to uncover his life and explore his net worth.

Nirav Tolia is an entrepreneur who co-founded NextDoor, a neighborhood social networking service.

As an entrepreneur, Nirav has demonstrated his work for the last 20 years, creating and leading consumer Internet companies.

Moreover, after engaging in business, Tolia and his friends founded Nextdoor in 2008. Before engaging in Nextdoor, Tolia also co-founded and was CEO of Shopping.

Nevertheless, renowned for his game-changing success, fans seek details, often consulting the Wikipedia page of Nirav Tolia for details and net worth.

A Sneak Peek To Nirav Toila Wikipedia: Age And Family Details

People’s curiosity about his life drives the surge in Wikipedia searches for details regarding Nirav Tolia.

Unfortunately, the lack of a dedicated Wikipedia page for Nirav Tolia leads to a scarcity of readily accessible information.

The technology entrepreneur Nirav Toila was born in 1973 in Texas. As of 2023, he is in his 50s. 

Furthermore, Nirav Tolia was born to parents who relocated from India.

Nirav tolia with his eldest son.
Nirav regretted attending a Super Bowl the Dallas Cowboys won. (Source: Instagram)

Nirav’s father, Nalin Tolia, is an Ophthalmologist, and his mother, Kamal Tolia, is a Gynecologist.

Further, his parents’ names and other details are unavailable until Nirav opens up.

As he comes from a different cultural background, Nirav is proud to participate in various cultural events.

Hence, his Instagram account contains posts about such events and children.

Furthermore, Nirav completed a Bachelor of Arts in Science in Medicine with a major in English literature from Stanford University.

Nirav Tolia with his wife and childrens.
Nirav aspired to be a doctor like his parents and siblings but failed. (Source: Instagram)

As Nirav Tolia is a media personality, the details about his wife have been another scenario in search of his Wikipedia.

The accomplished entrepreneur, Nirav Tolia, is married to Megha Tolia, the Vice President of Strategy and E-commerce at Method Products, PBC.

They are fortunate parents of three sons, Deven, Dylan, and Declan, who regularly post pictures on their Instagram accounts.

However, Nirav is a successful individual who has exemplified the real-life principles of perseverance and resilience.

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The Career Journey & Net Worth Of The NextDoor CEO

The technology entrepreneur Nirav Tolia’s career success depends on his efforts and his struggles when he first entered the competitive field.

Moreover, Nirav began his career as an employee of Yahoo, working in the production and marketing department.

Based on his LinkedIn profile, Nirav specializes in online communities, user-generated content, social networking, and e-commerce.

Nirav at the program of Better Together held in 2018.
Nirav Tolia once said that he is intensely loyal to Apple products. (Source: Instagram)

He also invested in online companies like Zillow, SurveyMonkey, Quip, Minted, Quora, and Stack Exchange.

Further, he successfully gained 45 million dollars in venture financing and supervised its merger with DealTime in 2003.

Following these prosperous ventures, Tolia and his associates established Nextdoor in San Francisco, California, in 2008.

Nonetheless, with the roots of success, Nirav co-founded and was the president of Round Zero, a nonprofit and networking forum for Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.

Tolia also revealed his ideas to retire as NextDoor’s CEO, transforming to the role of Chairman on the board in 2018.

Nirav Tolia Appeared as a Guest in Shark Tank still lacks his Wikipedia page.
Nirav Tolia’s favorite mode of transportation is Uber. (Source: ABC)

Currently, Sarah Friar, former CFO of Square, is NextDoor’s CEO, while Tolia continues as a board member.

Furthermore, in season 13 of the popular TV show Shark Tank, Nirav was invited along with other investors as a guest.

Hence, according to reports, Tolia’s net worth is more than 50 million dollars.

With his captivating career, Nirav Tolia, netizens are prompting curiosity about his relationships through Wikipedia.

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