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NLE Choppa Tattoos Meaning, Design: How Many Does He Have?

Tattoos are a way of expressing one’s emotions, and NLE Choppa is no exception, as he has dedicated his body to the work of art. Now, people are curious to learn the meaning behind each tattoo as they look for details.

NLE Choppa, born Bryson LaShaun Potts, is an American rapper who rose to fame with his music from the trap and drill genre.

Raised in the Southeast Memphis neighborhood, the rapper had his breakthrough with the single Shotta Flow.

Further, Choppa is signed with Warner Records and has produced several albums, including From Dark To Light, Me vs. Me, and Cottonwood.

With the rise of his popularity, the attention towards the physical appearance of the rapper has increased.

In particular, NLE Choppa is covered in tattoos, each with different meanings and stories.

Now, fans want to delve deep into the works of art that resonate with the rapper’s personal life.

NLE Choppa Tattoos Meaning & Design: How Many Does He Have?

NLE Choppa flaunts numerous tattoos on his body, sparking curiosity among fans about their significance.

Among many of his inks, the tattoos on his arms are primarily visible as they include several designs.

Further, NLE Choppa got three tattoos during his first session, including an LLG behind his ears.

The rapper has a personal tattoo artist, Daniel, who often drives for two hours for an appointment.

NLE Choppa mirror selfie
Some Of Choppa’s tattoos are dedicated to his children. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Choppa’s sleeve inks are the most visible, incorporating the word Cottonwood, referring to his home street.

He also has a portrait of himself looking at the gates of heaven on his upper arm, denoting his religious beliefs.

Additionally, the rapper has angel numbers like 444, which symbolizes his trust in divine guidance.

Another religious tattoo Choppa has is an angel behind his ears, which brings good energy into the rapper’s life.

NLE Choppa praying.
Choppa started his career with a cypher-style song. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, he has a bold “NLE” on his neck, which represents his label and personal brand.

Looking at his body, it is safe to assume that NLE Choppa has more than 50+ tattoos spread over his body.

Likewise, he has numerous tattoos on his stomach and chest, each holding important meaning and message in his life.

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Artistic Spirit And Emotion: NFL Choppa’s Tattoos Dedicated To Family

During an interview, NLE Choppa revealed that he has dedicated many of his tattoos to his family.

The rapper has images of his grandfather, father, brother, and mother spread on his chest as they are his valued members.

Further, Choppa has included an image of Bob Marly on his side as the artist was his source of inspiration.

Meanwhile, he got some new ink, which presented a disheartening event in the rapper’s life.

NLE Choppa showing off his jewelry
Choppa often releases songs with trap and drill music. (Source: Instagram)

Choppa detailed a quarter-sleeve on his inner forearm that contains an angel sitting on a brain in the clouds.

Moreover, it is accompanied by a detailed sketch of a human heart with a flower merging.

The word Seven is placed above it, which is a tribute to Choppa’s unborn son, who died as a result of miscarriage.

Additionally, the rapper claimed that the tattoo inspired him to move forward with his career while acknowledging the struggles of women.

As a father of two, Choppa has painted the corners of his body with the names of his children.

Choppa with his newborn child
Choppa welcomed his child with Marissa Da’Nae. (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, he has sketched a portrait of his daughter on his calve, which also features a birthdate.

The tattoos seem to be a way for the artist to express his emotional and personal state.

Moreover, they reflect the artist’s creative side, which is also evident in his albums and songs.

Choppa claimed that he wants to create more tattoos in the future as it adds so much to his personality.

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