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Noah Cyrus Before And After: Did The Singer Get Plastic Surgery?

Some time back, Noah Cyrus was spotted with shaved eyebrows, and her face looked different than before, which led netizens to compare her before and after looks and alleging her to have undergone plastic surgery.

Noah Lindsey Cyrus is a famous singer and actress born on January 8, 2000.

She is the younger sister of iconic Disney star and musician Miley Cyrus.

Following her sister’s footsteps, Noah debuted as a singer in 2016 with the single Make Me (Cry) featuring Labrinth.

Her song was an extreme hit and was number 46 on the Billboard Hot 100 list.

Since then, she has released many more singles and a full-length album, The Hardest Part.

However, Noah Cyrus is currently in the news not for her music but for her alleged plastic surgery and before-after pictures.

Transformative Look Of Noah Cyrus: Before and After Pictures

Since her debut in 2016, Noah Cyrus has rocked the media with her different looks and styles at various events and on social media.

However, none of those appearances had ever sparked a plastic surgery rumor until her pictures from a recent red carpet event surfaced on the internet.

Noah Cyrus in her bold black look
Noah Cyrus is exceptionally talented, and her music has a huge fanbase. (Source: Twitter)

In the meantime, Noah does look very different in the pictures than her past self.

Fans are talking about how different some of her facial features look now, especially her nose.

Before, Noah Cyrus used to have a much rounder-looking nose, but after her appearance at the event, fans are pointing out how sharp it looks.

Her nose and lips are a big part of the conversation among her fans right now.

They say she must have gotten lip fillers to give her lips a plumper look.

Noah Cyrus smiling
Noah Cyrus is 24 years old. (Source: Twitter)

The plastic surgery speculations do not end there; fans also believe Noah may or may not have gotten some Botox.

It seems like the fans of Noah Cyrus liked how she looked before her alleged plastic surgery and not after.

However, Noah Cyrus has not made any statements regarding the subject. She usually does not like paying attention to rumors about her personal life.

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Is Noah Cyrus’s Facial Transformation A Style Evolution Or Cosmetic Surgery?

Before the rumors had begun surfacing, she had once spoken about her take on plastic surgeries.

In an interview, she said that while she has not undergone any surgeries, she also clarified she is not against it.

Noah Cyrus posing for a camera
Noah Cyrus has a great fashion sense, often making her stand out. (Source: Twitter)

She said, “I’m not against surgery. I don’t think I’d do anything right now, but I’m not against it.”

While most people accuse her of going under the knife and getting fillers, others say that her appearance is just because of her change in style.

Before, she used to have thick and dark eyebrows, but she has a very light eyebrow look in her recent pictures.

Her makeup is also very different and much more bolder than before. The makeup also may have highlighted her features more prominently.

Nevertheless, Noah Cyrus looks fantastic in both her before and after pictures.

She has found her style and is not backing out to show it; she also appears much more confident than before.

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