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October London Parents: Where Are They From? Nationality, Ethnicity

October London is making his mark after his single Back to Your Place was crowned No.1 Adult R&B Airplay chart on Billboard for the first time. But what is the story of October London and his parents? Let’s find out.

Born Jared Samuel Erskine, October London is an old-soul R&B singer, songwriter and composer.

Hailing from South Bend, Indiana, he is making a name for himself in the music industry.

October London with his unique blend of old-school R&B and soul has been making waves in the music industry.

His smooth, heartfelt vocals echo the soulful sounds of R&B legends like Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye.

Furthermore, after his feature on Snoop Dogg’s Revolution in 2016, he was able to gain recognition.

While October London has garnered attention for his music, details about his family background, particularly the origins of his parents, remain elusive.

October London Parents: Where Are They From?

Artists like October London, never fail to credit their parents when the appreciation is for their success.

However, October London is keeping the details about his parents, away from the limelight.

Born on October 17, 1986, October London grew up in a very musically inclined family. 

Since October London has kept a low profile, there is no information regarding his parents, including their names.

October London is intriguing his fans with the mystery around his parents
October London was linking up with actor Jeremy Piven on a sunglasses line. (Source: Twitter)

His social media doesn’t feature any members of his family. 

Further, there are no hints or clues that his fans can connect the dot to and get information from.

Since October London is from South Bend, Indiana, it can be presumed that his parents are also a native of that place.

Furthermore, he attended John Adams High School in South Bend which could signify he had a well-to-do family.

There are no sources that can verify or give transparency on the profession of October London parents.

The nationality and ethnicity of his parents are also up for debate as he maintains privacy.

October London doing a photoshoot using chair as a prop
October London has a flavored vodka, “Je Te Veux”. (Source: Instagram)

Nonetheless, October London is an American of black ethnicity which might indicate the same for his parents.

However, there aren’t any credible sources that confirm the nationality and ethnicity of his parents.

His decision to maintain secrecy around his parents reflects a desire to prioritize his artistry over intrusive curiosity.

Fans and followers of October London may appreciate his commitment to letting the music take center stage.

It is rare to see a celebrity maintain such privacy in an era where everything is shared on social media.

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The Musical Journey Of October London And The Controversy

In 2016, London released his first solo single, Black Man in America, through Jazze Pha’s Cadillac Music label.

Subsequently, he released his debut EP, Color Blind: Love which featured a duet with Faith Evans.

Furthermore, he has also released popular singles like I’ll Be Your Superman, Actor’s Remorse, and others.

October playing a piano while working on his album
October London wanted to become a Storm Chaser, a semi-truck driver, and a creative designer for a major car company. (Source: Twitter)

In 2023, London released his first full-length solo album, The Rebirth of Marvin. The album was a heartfelt tribute to the legendary Marvin Gaye.

Unfortunately, it stirred up some controversy, particularly with members of Marvin Gaye’s family.

Marvin Gaye’s sister was quick to express her mixed feelings about the album.

While she did acknowledge the similarity in their vocals she, wasn’t happy with October London’s attempt to sound like him.

She also put forth the argument that an artist should put their own touch to their original song.

October writes an apology tweet in regards to the controversy.
October London learned music on his boom box in his bedroom. (Source: Twitter)

They shouldn’t sound exactly like someone else in the process as it takes away from their originality.

Zeola Gaye has taken issue with both the release of the album and its title.

She stated,

You can’t rebirth Marvin. My mother’s not here to do that. Marvin has already been born and he’s gone.

Zeola Gay feels that the album’s first single, Make Me Wanna, takes away from her brother’s ultimate one-of-one status.

Despite the controversy, October London remains committed to his music and his respect for Marvin Gaye’s legacy.

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