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October London Wife: Is The Singer, Producer Married? Dating Details

The singer and songwriter from Louisiana, October London, lives the life he has always dreamt of. He is receiving praise upon praise after his recent works. Does October London have a wife? Let’s explore.

October London is a famous singer and songwriter based in the USA whose real name is Jared Samuel Erskine.

He has been singing and performing for a long time, but his big break came after getting the attention of the famous Jazze Pha and Snoop Dogg.

A short film involving Snoop Dogg and Mike Epps highlights October’s journey in the music industry.

The short film is called Color Blind Love and has been extremely praised all over the internet after its release.

Many moments from the short film have made fans curious about October London & his personal life, including his marital life and whether he has a wife.

Does October London Have A Wife? Struggle To Stardom In Color Blind Love

In the short film Color Blind Love, viewers are amazed to be introduced to a character named October London.

In the show, we can see that October London gets out of prison after serving for his crime for a long time.

London October singer
October London likes to keep it simple on his social media platforms. (Source: Instagram)

However, his struggle did not stop after his release from prison; he had to do various jobs that he never imagined that he would do to make a living.

During his release, he had a girlfriend whose uncle had a jazz joint.

Now, we do not know who the real uncle is because October London does not want his name to come to light.

What we do know is that Mike Epps is portraying the role of his girlfriend’s uncle.

One day at the jazz joint, the singer who was to sing for the night storms out due to anger.

To satisfy every customer present that night, October takes it upon himself to go and entertain the crowd.

He would have never imagined this initiative would lead him to his big break.

October London wife
The private life of October London is a big mystery, and very little is available about it online. (Source: Instagram)

Now, it can be confirmed that October was in a relationship during his struggling days.

There are also rumors that October London has made it official with the same girlfriend, who is his wife now.

However, we do not know whether he is still in a relationship with the same person.

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A Private Persona, October London On Love & Relationships

Even though October has been very vocal about his past, he is currently very private.

He rarely shares about his family or anything that has happened in his personal life.

There are no articles or news that suggest that the singer-songwriter and producer October London has a wife or tied the knot.

In an interview after the release of the short film, October mentioned that he holds the idea of love very close to his heart.

October london producer
October London has multiple talents, and he can also produce music alone. (Source: Instagram)

This means that whoever October is dating is a lucky woman.

Also, for now, it’s okay to assume that if October London is dating or has a wife, the person likes to keep it private.

It is necessary not to speculate about someone’s dating life, especially their marriage details.

The fans will have to wait for October’s official announcement.

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