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Olivia Swann Wikipedia Age: How Old Is DC Astra Logue Actress?

With the recent success of NCIS: Sydney, it is deemed a record-breaking series. At least in Australia, the series is being loved by many. Olivia Swann is the show’s main lead, and netizens are constantly browsing the internet for her details and Wikipedia.

Olivia is a popular actress, model, and social media influencer who has appeared in numerous movies and television projects.

Not only is she a rising star in Hollywood, but she is also talented, charming, and versatile in everything she does on screen.

Another project that pushed her to prominence is her role in DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow,” where she plays the role of Adult Astra.

Astra is the show’s villain, which aired from 2016 to 2022. It was her first television role after her completion of drama school.

Her iteration of the character is well-liked by many. Young Astra was a scared little girl who ended up in hell as she failed at Witchcraft.

However, with time, Astra is portrayed as a strong woman who desires power and ambition.

Additionally, Olivia has been part of other successful motion picture projects such as The ‘Doctors’, ‘River Wild’, and NCIS: Sydney.

Olivia’s looks are also distinct, as she has voluminous curly hair and big brown eyes that make her stand out.

Furthermore, she is still new to the industry, but she has already proven that she can be highly versatile and efficient at what she does.

However, Olivia Swann still does not appear to have a Wikipedia page.

Sneak Peak Into Oliva Swann Wikipedia

Olivia was born on September 19, 1992, in the United Kingdom. She will be 31 years old in 2023.

Furthermore, she is a Virgo and a Christian with a mixed ethnicity. Her father is of white ethnicity, and her mother is of African descent.

Olivia Swann Wikipedia with her costar on the side of a helicopter.
Olivia is a fashion enthusiast as she loves dressing up. (Source: Instagram)

Olivia has black eyes and brown curly hair, which allow her to look elegant and beautiful. She has a charming face with a cute smile, which is one of her most distinct features.

She is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs about 124 lbs. Olivia is a well-educated lady who graduated from East 15 Acting School in 2018.

Furthermore, she also has an older brother named Mathew Swann, who married his love, Megan Mansworth, in March of this year.

However, information about her love life is minimal, as she is a private person who does not reveal any details about her relationships or boyfriends.

Her role in ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ was her first taste of fame, where she fought aliens and robots in the show and dressed up like a cowboy.

Olivia with her best friend
Olivia’s love life is secret; she does have a BFF by the name of Elliot Knight. (Source: Instagram)

The success of her debut show led her to land a role in ‘River Wild’ with Leighton Meester and Adam Brody, a survival story about a group of friends who love whitewater rafting.

However, because she is new to the mainstream industry, Olivia Swann still does not have a Wikipedia page of her own.

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Olivia Swann Wikipedia Detailing Her Net Worth

Olivia is a professional actor and model who earns a lot of money for her hard work and determination.

Her main source of income is obviously her acting gigs, which over the years have been steadily increasing.

Olivia in a white sleeveless t-shirt.
Even though she doesn’t have a Wikipedia page, Olivia Swann does have an IMDB page. (Source: Instagram)

However, she also earns significant money from brand collaborations, TV commercials, modelling, and sponsorship.

According to online sources, she has a net worth of over $200,000 as of 2023. However, guesses made about a person’s net worth are, most of the time, inaccurate.

But we can certainly say that her dedication to her work, acting skills, and good looks may make her one of the industry’s most prominent actresses.

With the success of her new projects, Olivia Swann may receive a dedicated Wikipedia page in the near future.

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