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Bonney Imagins To Be Nika? One Piece 1101 Spoilers, Early Leaks

The story of One Piece takes another turn as Kuma’s flashbacks end. Now, readers look online for spoilers and leaks of 1101 in hopes of finding more about the next event in One Piece.

In chapter 1100, One Piece showcased the events leading to Kuma becoming a cyborg.

Meanwhile, Saturn forced the Tyrant King to become a warlord in return for his daughter’s safety.

Further, Kuma wants the best for Bonney and undergoes a tough decision in his life.

With a crucial turning point in the story, One Piece has readers on the hook as they discuss future events.

Moreover, the leaks and spoilers for chapter 1101 circulate online as new characters appear in One Piece.

CP8 Assigned To Overlook Bonney: Chapter 1100 Recap

With the spoilers of chapter 1101 surfacing, many wonder who Alpha is in the latest release of One Piece.

In the previous chapter, Saturn cites that Kuma is a pirate with nearly 300 million Berry Bounty.

Further, he also initiates the plan to turn Kuma into a soulless soldier for the World Government Army.

One Piece 1100 spoilers
Vegapunk opposed the plans of Saturn. (Source: Twitter)

The Tyrant King must also give up his free will and individuality to maintain loyalty.

Moreover, Dr. Vegapunk speaks out against the idea, but Kuma cries tears of joy as the process ensures his daughter’s safety.

Likewise, the Government has held Bonney under surveillance on Sorbet Island after the surgery.

Similarly, a CP8 officer, Alpha, is assigned as a nurse to monitor the cured child.

Meanwhile, Saturn adds that he forbids any contact between Bonney and Kuma, and if anyone defies these orders, she’ll become a slave.

However, Kuma does not reveal the details to Bonney and leaves her in the care of Conney.

Alpha One Piece 1100 spoilers
Alpha had the task of looking after Bonney. (Source: Twitter)

Additionally, the selfless king promises to write Bonney letters while he’s away, saying he’ll be back in a year.

Then, Kuma bids goodbye to everyone as they witness his debut as a Warlord.

Further, several characters react to the news, including the original Warlords, Alvida, Nico Robin, Ace, and Monkey D. Dragon.

Similarly, Kuma writes a letter to Bonney, saying he’s doing okay despite having no peace as a pirate.

Lastly, the chapter ends with Kuma reaching Foosha Village, where Luffy spent most of his childhood.

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Bonney Imagined To Be Nika? One Piece 1101 Spoilers, Early Leaks Reddit

After an eventful chapter, readers are curious to find the latest spoilers and leaks for One Piece 1101.

The early spoilers have confirmed that Bonney looked forward to meeting her father one day.

Previously, Kuma reached Foosha Village, bringing a new layer to the existing storyline.

Bonney runs in One Piece 1101 spoilers
The powers of Bonney are not fully known. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, he noticed Monkey D. Dragon’s frequent disappearances when the Revolutionary Army was in the Goa Kingdom.

Additionally, this led to the Tyrant king concluding that Luffy is Dragon’s son after noticing him practice his devil fruit.

On the other hand, Bonney grows up to be a feisty lady in the Sorbet Kingdom under the watch of CP8.

However, the Government kept the details a secret to prevent Bonney from acting up.

Meanwhile, in the leaks for 1101, Conney realizes that Alpha is an agent of the World Government.

In addition, she devises a plan for Bonney’s escape from such evil forces.

Moreover, in the spoilers of One Piece chapter 1101, Bonney uses the Distorted Future Technique.

The technique allows her to imagine herself as Nika, a mythical warrior once referred to as the Sun God.

Bonney in One Piece
Bonney has a strong connection to Nika’s stories. (Source: Twitter)

Likewise, she uses her powers to defeat Alpha and run away from Sorbet Kingdom to the sea.

Further, the technique could be the manifestation of all the stories told by Kuma about Nika.

Now, the chapter 1101 of One Piece is set for release on December 5, 2023, at midnight, JST.

Despite the lack of an official release, the spoilers and early leaks for the chapter are circulating on platforms like Reddit.

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