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Kuma Visits Windmill!? One Piece Chapter 1100 Spoilers, Leaks

One Piece has been captivating readers with its recent releases as several loose ends are being tied together, and many hope to find more from the spoilers of chapter 1100.

One Piece has reached an important aspect in the story with Kuma saving the Sorbet Kingdom.

The story displayed the intention of the former warlord of the sea to maintain peace in his land.

Moreover, One Piece has done excellent work showcasing the raw emotions and problems felt by the characters.

As one of the top mangas, the author is on a mission to address many unanswered questions.

Meanwhile, with the recent release, readers couldn’t wait for the new chapter and look for spoilers and leaks of One Piece 1100.

Deal With The Devil: Kuma Finds The Cure For Bonney Chapter Recap

Before discussing the spoilers for One Piece 1100, let’s look back at the deal in a recent chapter.

Chapter 1099 begins immediately, where the previous one ended, with King Bekori returning to the Sorbet Kingdom.

He plans to burn down specific villages in the area, as done by the king of Goa.

One Piece new chapter spoiler
Kuma finds the cure for his daughter. (Source: Twitter)

Unable to stand for such hate, Kuma destroys the palace and defeats the evil king, referred to as the One-Man Revolution.

Meanwhile, Kuma becomes the new ruler at the citizen’s request.

The chapter then reveals that Bonney ate Age-Age Fruit by accident which turns her into an adult.

As the plot progresses, King Bulldog visits the church and asks Bonney to try turning into an old woman.

However, the king comes with bad news as Bekori escapes punishment and has the World Government on his side.

Likewise, the news portrays Kuma as a tyrant king and an evil ruler.

Similarly, Kuma sets out to find Bekori but eventually flees the sea and becomes a pirate.

One Piece chapter 1100
Dr. Vegapunk helps Kuma reach his goals. (Source: Twitter)

Along with that, he searches for a cure for Bonney’s disease before finally meeting Dragon.

The revolutionary leader then suggests Kuma to meet Dr. Vegapunk on Egghead Island.

Finally, the doctor recommends a Stem Cell operation for Bonney, for which Kuma gives his body as a payment.

But, Sait Saturn is listening in on their entire conversation in Mariejois.

Lastly, the chapter ends with the agreement between Kuma and Dr. Vegapunk to turn himself into a cyborg.

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Kuma Visits Windmill!? One Piece Chapter 1100 Spoilers, Leaks Reddit Twitter

After an eventful chapter, One Piece is expected to return with an intense story in 1100 spoilers.

The leaks have confirmed that Saturn forced Kuma to become a warlord and a cyborg without memories.

Further, the celestial dragon had plans to arrest Bonney if Kuma rejected the plan.

In exchange for his daughter’s safety, Kuma obeys the order and sacrifices his body.

Moreover, the operations of Kuma and Bonney take place in the Egghead’s laboratory under the supervision of Kizaru.

Similarly, the spoilers reveal that Bonney returned to the Sorbet Kingdom while Kuma becomes a warlord.

One Piece new chapter spoiler Kuma
Dragon considers Kuma as his closest companion. (Source: Twitter)

However, during his time in the sea, Kuma also sends a letter of thanks to Bonney.

Meanwhile, the Pascifista also travels to Windmill at the end of the spoilers of One Piece chapter 1100.

The village is a little port located on Dawn Island, where the story of One Piece starts.

Further, it is also the place where Luffy grew up alongside Makino and Garp.

Now, this could be the link to understanding why Kuma helped Luffy and his crew in the Sabody Archipelago Arc.

Additionally, Kuma’s journey to the village might have revealed the truth about Luffy being Dragon’s son.

Nevertheless, with newer questions on the table, One Piece is set to return with chapter 1100 on December 3, 2023.

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