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Oompaville Girlfriend Kallmekris: Dating, Relationship History

Oompaville often does not shy away from sharing every detail about his life, but he likes to keep some things private, especially the details about his relationship with his alleged girlfriend, Kallmekris. Let’s explore.

Caleb Hunter Phelps, famously known as Oompaville, was born in 1996 on August 29.

He is an American YouTuber and a Twitch streamer famous for reacting to various memes and funny content.

His journey as a content creator began after he started making gaming videos.

After gaining many fans on Twitch, he decided to shift his focus to YouTube in 2019.

Since then, Oompaville has become a very beloved YouTuber and a social media influencer.

Not only Oompaville but his alleged girlfriend Kallmekris is also as famous as him, and they look very beautiful together.

Oompaville Alleged Girlfriend: Alleged Relationship With Kallmekris

Oompaville’s alleged girlfriend, Kallmekris, is a content creator with her YouTube channel.

The duo is often seen having a fun time together.

Oompaville and KallmeKris
Oompaville and KallmeKris make such a good-looking pair; it’s no wonder people are eager to know more. (Source: Instagram)

Although the two have never made an official announcement about their relationship, some say that it is not a hidden fact that they are dating each other.

Oompaville and his alleged girlfriend Kallmekris do not shy away from posting each other on their Instagram.

Recently, Kallmekris made a post on her Instagram with Oompaville with a very beautiful caption.

The caption read,

Feeling very grateful and thankful for all the beautiful people in my life.

The fans of Oompaville and Kallmekris were thrilled after seeing her post.

Oompaville Girlfriend Kallmekris
Oompaville seems to love spending time with Kallmekris. (Source: Instagram)

Seeing how happy they were, one fan commented that they were the best couple on the Internet even though they hadn’t announced their relationship.

The relationship between Oompaville and his alleged girlfriend, Kallmekris, seems very low-key and fun.

It appears that they like each other’s company.

Also, Oompaville and Kallmekris seem to have introduced each other to their loved ones.

We are not sure when the relationship officially began, but it is not a hidden fact that it is blossoming.

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YouTuber Kallmekris & Twitch Streamer Oompaville Ignite Relationship Speculation Among Fans

The couple decided to reenact the famous Breaking Bad duo Walter White and Hank on Halloween.

Oompaville was Walter White, and his alleged girlfriend, Kallmekris, was Hank.

This impressed their fans; some commented on how good Kallmekris looked even when she was bald.

The relationship has also left many curious about how a Canadian YouTuber, Kallmekris, and an American Twitch streamer, Oompaville, met each other.

Oompaville and girlfirend
Oompaville has not spoken up about whether he and Kallmekris are dating. (Source: Instagram)

Maybe we will only know after the couple decides to come forward with their explanation.

Their friendly banter often appears to be a flirtatious conversation.

However, it is undeniable that they look extremely good with each other, and fans love seeing them together.

It is also important to respect the privacy of both Oompaville and his alleged girlfriend, Kallmekris.

Many believe that the alleged couple will be announcing their relationship soon.

Let’s hope the fans are not disappointed and have a beautiful relationship because they are a great couple.

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