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Why Overtime Megan Video Trend? Leak Scandal & Controversy

Overtime Megan is a social media personality who has sent the internet into a frenzy for her controversial leaked video. Let’s find out more about the trending video further in this article!

Born on October 17, 1999, Megan Eugenio, often known as Overtime Megan, is a prominent influencer on TikTok’s social media platform.

She went to Pace University before working for Overtime, a sports network catering to Gen Z members.

Further, Megan started her journey as a social media influencer in 2019 and immediately amassed millions of followers.

Over the years, the influencer has been tangled in several controversies that question internet safety.

Recently, a leaked video of Overtime Megan has taken over the internet, creating a buzz among netizens.

Why Is Overtime Megan Video Trending? Leak Scandal And Controversy

In the trending video, many noticed that Overtime Megan is relaxing in bed with the footballer Antonio Brown.

He posted the content through his Snapchat account, where her face is partially blurred.

Further, many were quick to speculate the type of relationship that the influencer had with the footballer.

Overtime Megan inside her car
Megan has faced criticism for her actions in the past. (Source: Instagram)

However, Megan denied being with Brown and claimed that the video was edited by someone online.

After such a statement, the authenticity of the leaked footage remains a topic of speculation.

Meanwhile, others theorized that the woman in the video was Tom Brady’s ex-wife, Giselle, who had a brief relationship with Brown.

Along with that, an incident earlier in April victimized Megan, where someone leaked multiple private videos.

Moreover, individuals widely spread explicit nude pictures of the influencer across sites like Twitter and Reddit.

Many of her admirers took part in the scandal and still circulated the content online, making it a trending topic.

Overtime Megan taking a picture during sunset
Megan also involves herself in sports like hockey. (Source: Instagram)

Later, in a podcast episode, Overtime Megan revealed that she was not responsible for posting her video and photo.

Someone who may even be close to the influencer made the explicit content public without her consent.

With such a huge following, the videos and photos gained much traction within a few hours.

Megan expressed her concerns regarding such a scandal through her social media accounts and demanded privacy.

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Break From Social Media: Fans Raise Questions Over Digital Privacy For Megan

Most of the comments Overtime Megan received on her video were vile, which led her to take a break from social media.

After becoming a trending topic, Megan tried to dismiss the controversies and rumors.

However, the efforts were futile as she made her Twitter account private while deleting her TikTok account.

Overtime Megan on Top Gun Maverick red carpet
Megan was once accused of stealing her friend’s credit card details. (Source: Instagram)

Despite being a social media influencer, Megan prioritized her mental health amidst the scandal.

After the leaks surfaced online, many quickly judged Megan for keeping explicit content on her phone.

Moreover, others believed she did this to encourage clout and engagement in her profile.

However, Megan has not let such criticisms affect her and has used them as an opportunity to rise above the situation.

Many celebrities face data safety threats when hackers access their information easily.

They face challenges balancing their personal and public image, which is constantly under inspection.

Megan in a black and white photo
Megan gained millions of followers thanks to her engaging content. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, it is difficult to trace the original user who leaked such information without consent.

After her experience with such incidents, Megan has advocated for her privacy from her fans.

The controversy has prompted the influencer to alert users about their online activities and history.

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