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Is Pammy Hilton Related To Paris Hilton? Sisters And Family Tree

Being a prominent name in the industry, the life of Paris Hilton is always a curious matter for many. This time around, netizens wonder if Pammy Hilton is related to Paris. Find out the truth here!

Paris Whitney Hilton is an American media personality, businesswoman, socialite, model, actress, and singer.

Born in New York City, she is a great-granddaughter of Conard Hilton, the founder of Hilton Hotels.

Furthermore, Paris first attracted media attention in the late 90s when she became a fixture in NYC’s social scene.

Over the years, she has garnered attention to minute details of her life, including her siblings.

Meanwhile, the focus has shifted to Pammy Hilton, who seems related to Paris and her family.

Is Pammy Hilton Related To Paris Hilton? Sisters And Family Tree

Pammy Hilton can be spotted in several posts of Paris, and many wonder if they are related.

Many speculated that Pammy was the youngest child of Paris’s parents, Richard Howard and Marilyn Hawley.

However, Pammy is not biologically related to Paris Hilton and her family tree.

Pammy Hilton related to Paris
Pammy considers the TV star her role model. (Source: Instagram)

Instead, she is a huge fan of the media personality and belongs to the group Little Hiltons.

She considered Paris an inspiration as she grew up watching the model become a TV star and a multi-billion dollar businesswoman.

Moreover, despite being a follower, Pammy has earned a spot in the Hilton family as she attends several family dinners and events.

Along with Pammy, Little Hiltons like Christopher Jacob can also be spotted at these special events.

On the other hand, Paris is the oldest of four children: Nicky Hilton Rothschild, Barron Hilton II, and Conrad Hughes Hilton.

Among the siblings, the TV star is closest to her sister Nicky as they are similar in age.

Pammy Hilton hugs Paris Hilton
Pammy attends all the major events of the Hilton family. (Source: Instagram)

This must also be why Nicky said that she knows the model more than she knows herself in Paris’s documentary, This Is Paris.

Similarly, Nicky served as Paris’s maid of honor in her wedding to Carter Reum.

Paris also shares a loving bond with her brothers, who rarely make a public appearance.

Apart from her biological siblings, the media personality has always been kind and supportive to her fans, including Pammy.

Even though they are not related, Paris Hilton makes sure to attend and congratulate Pammy on her successes.

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Pammy Hilton’s Story Of Success In Fashion, Music, And Social Media

After her association with Paris Hilton, Pammy garnered the attention of many fans and admirers.

Pammy has made a name for herself as a businesswoman, singer, and fashion influencer.

However, despite such fame, she prefers to keep details about her family a secret.

As for her career, with over 33.9k followers on her Instagram, Pammy works for brands like Selkie, Charlotte Tilbury, and Flower Knows Cosmetics.

Pammy Hilton is inspired by Paris Hilton
Pammy resembles Marilyn Monoroe in several ways. (Source: Instagram)

Through her social media, she showcases different brand deals and photoshoots.

Meanwhile, Pammy became prominent when Paris Hilton retweeted her video I Lived Like Marilyn Monroe for a Day.

Pammy was starstruck as she had filmed the video for fun as a part of Pamela’s Vlogging Show.

During that time, the influencer lived in Seoul, South Korea, and blogged about her daily life.

Later, Pammy flew 30 hours along with her friend to see Paris at the airport and was even invited for a private session.

Similarly, Paris started calling her Baby Marilyn, a name that has stuck for several years.

Pammy sponsership
Pammy has worked with major brands in her career. (Source: Instagram)

Recently, the social media personality was featured in the documentary This Is Paris, where she captures Paris in a ball pit.

Apart from such connections to the Hilton family, Pammy has risen in the industry through her hard work and dedication.

As the years go by, fans are excited to witness the progress of the influencer in the industry.

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