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Papo Mejia Wikipedia: Who Is Drug Lord Griselda Blanco’s Rival?

Netflix’s gripping drama series Griselda, inspired by the infamous drug cartel leader Griselda Blanco, has captured audiences globally. As viewers reminisce about her old rival Papo Mejia, many now search for information about him on Wikipedia.

Papo Mejia was a key figure in Miami’s drug trade in the early 1980s.

He’s known for his intense rivalry with Griselda Blanco, who aimed to be the Godmother of Miami’s drug scene.

Moreover, as a drug trade rival, Papo did everything he could to break down Griselda’s criminal empire.

However, Griselda retaliated by targeting his family as a response to the threats posed by Papo.

Furthermore, he gained a reputation as a ruthless killer, causing bloodshed in Miami streets and leaving numerous bodies in South Florida waterways.

As per The Mammoth Book of Gangs, Papo even ordered a hit on Griselda to eliminate her from the Miami drug scene.

At the height of their rivalry, a guy named Miguel Perez, whom Griselda allegedly sent, stabbed Papo multiple times.

The recent premiere of the Griselda series has gained significant attention, and people are eager to learn about Blanco’s rival, Papo Mejia, searching for him on Wikipedia.

Papo Mejia Wikipedia: Rivalry with Drug Lord Griselda Blanco

Netizens’ heightened interest in the Blancos and Papo Mejia rivalry story recently led to increased Wikipedia searches.

Despite the significant attention and spotlight on Papo Mejia, he has no dedicated Wikipedia page.

However, this article provides detailed information about Papo Mejia and his rivalry with Blanco, intended for potential use on Wikipedia in the future.

Papo and Griselda were central figures in the Miami drug wars of the early 1980s.

Moreover, their rivalry escalated significantly when Griselda started targeting Papo’s family.

According to The Mammoth Book of Gangs, three members of Griselda’s gang shot and killed Papo’s father in a Miami shopping mall.

This incident was identified as a crucial event that fueled the Cocaine Cowboy Wars in the early 1980s.

Close-up image of Griselda Blanco.
Griselda and Papo were rivals in their time. (Source: Mag)

Afterward, Papo took a drastic step by putting a hit on Griselda’s head to remove her from the Miami drug scene.

Moreover, Papo, along with two other dealers, joined forces to eliminate Blanco, offering $300,000 for her death.

Around the same time, Griselda supposedly sent her top hitman, Jorge Ayala-Rivera, to assassinate Papo.

In late August 1982, Blanco’s gang discovered Mejia in Las Palmas, located in the hills outside Medellin, Colombia.

Later, Blanco’s son Osvaldo and Ayala followed him to a bar, where they threw a grenade at him and shot him in the leg.

At the height of the rivalry between Papo and Griselda, he got stabbed multiple times by a guy named Miguel Perez.

Moreover, Miguel lifted the long blade seven more times, thrusting it deep into Papo’s neck, chest, and stomach.

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Arrest, Release And News Of Demise: The Unfolded Events In Wikipedia Of Papo Mejia

After surviving Miguel’s attack, Papo Mejia became the target of the DEA’s Operation Hun, led by former agent Michael Levine.

The DEA accessed Papo’s drug empire through Sonia Sanjinez De Atala, a Bolivian trafficker who cooperated for protection.

After the indictment, Papo found himself running from the DEA while he stayed in Colombia, evading law enforcement.

Five months later, Papo went to trial in Tucson, Arizona.

In the trial, Levine testified against Papo, providing crucial evidence. This caused Papo Mejia to receive a sentence of thirty years in prison.

Close-up image of Griselda Blanco's hired killer, Miguel.
At that time, Miguel stabbed Papo multiple times in his neck and stomach. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, his legal representatives secured Papo’s release from prison in March 2000.

Following Papo’s release from prison, speculations arose suggesting that he met his demise in a traffic accident.

According to Martha Soto’s 2013 biography La Viuda Negra, reports suggested that Papo lived in Colombia.

Since then, Papo has deliberately chosen to remain out of the public eye.

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