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Who Are Cornell Student Patrick Dai Parents? Ethnicity and Family

After making headlines for violent acts, Cornell student Patrick Dai has garnered the attention of netizens as they search for his family details.

Federal authorities arrested Patrick Dai, a junior at the prestigious university, for allegedly making hateful comments.

The 21-year-old entered Cornell as one of the five National Merit Scholars named at Pittsford-Mendon High School.

Moreover, Dai worked as an undergraduate consultant, helping to tutor other engineering students.

However, reports regarding Dai surfaced after his online activities from the university premises.

As the case unfolds, many have wondered about the upbringing of Patrick Dai and his family details.

Who Are Cornell Student Patrick Dai Parents? Ethnicity and Family

With Patrick Dai appearing in court, people are focused on his family and other personal details.

Patrick Dai comes from a small family, but he hasn’t revealed details about his parents for legal purposes.

Further, he belongs to a Chinese ethnic background despite living in New York.

Patrick Dai Cornell
Dai suffers from severe depression. (Source: Twitter)

Meanwhile, many were curious about his ethnicity following the anti-semitic comments made by the Cornell student.

On the other hand, with their son in custody, Dai’s family members ultimately support him to prove his innocence.

However, it is vital to acknowledge that the actions of Patrick Dai have taken an emotional toll on his family.

Nevertheless, Dai’s parents have claimed that their son suffers from severe depression.

Even during childhood, he did not have full control over his emotions.

However, Dai excelled academically from a young age as he was a 12-time AP scholar volunteering at Rochester General Hospital.

Similarly, he was the director of logistics for the school’s Science Olympiad.

Patrick Dai family
Dai was an excellent student at the college. (Source: Twitter)

Further, Dai worked as an orientation leader and was later promoted to supervisor.

Also, Patrick Dai was the ideal son of the family before the drastic change in his behavior after a year at Cornell.

Dai’s father even claimed that the student had lost his life goal and motivation in recent years.

At the suggestion of a doctor, Dai took off two semesters from his studies in the spring of 2022 and 2023.

Additionally, Dai was distant from his parents just days before his arrest.

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Classes Cancelled At Cornell: Patrick Threatens The Students

Patrick Dai was accused of posting threats online against Jewish students and appeared in court with his family.

Further, the student confessed to his crimes after FBI agents traced his IP address to campus and his hometown.

Moreover, in a series of posts on the Greekrank forum, Dai threatened to shoot, stab, and kill Jews.

Patrick Dai case
Dai could face up to 5 years in prison. (Source: Twitter)

Dai went on to refer to himself as Hamas, which rattled the campus and its security.

Now, he is in custody in Broome County, New York, awaiting a further appearance before a federal judge.

If convicted, Dai faces up to five years in prison and a fine of $250,000.

Meanwhile, other posts from Dai included calls for Palestine to be freed and threats to target 104 West, the campus center for Jewish living.

The investigation is ongoing, as what prompted such hatred or threats is unclear.

Further, New York Governor Kathy Hochul was among those who called for Dai’s arrest.

In addition, a spokesperson announced that Cornell had suspended Dai.

Meanwhile, the Jewish students at the Ivy League school are outraged and terrified.

Dai’s case is one of many which has erupted following the Israel-Hamas War.

Such conflict has raised discriminatory incidents against Jewish and Muslim communities stateside.

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