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Pavel Kashin Video: Story Of The Failed Freefall That Led To Death

The video displaying the final moments of the parkour genius Pavel Kashin surfaces online, making netizens curious about the tragic accident’s story. Let’s explore the details further in this article.

Pavel Kashin was a Russian parkour artist from St. Petersburg known for his love for adventure.

His freerunning videos were popular among many, as he was named one of the best free runners in the world.

Even at 22, Kashin showcased some of his riskiest and most impressive moves.

However, his achievements were cut short when a fatal accident in 2013 took away his life.

As the video of the incident circulates online, many are looking into the tragic accident of Pavel Kashin.

Pavel Kashin Video: Story Of The Failed Freefall That Led To Death

On the day Pavel Kashin lost his life a decade ago, the video shows him standing on a three-foot wide ledge.

The stunt location was on top of a 16-story apartment building in St. Petersburg.

Further, the Russian free runner was attempting to do a backflip when he fell nearly 200 feet to his death.

Pavel Kashin doing a backflip
Kashin loved parkour for the element of adventure. (Source: Twitter)

Witnesses to the case told police that Kashin had lost his footing on the landing, causing him to plummet straight down to the pavement.

Later, a group called Free Running Sweden took to Facebook the day after Kashin’s death to extend their condolences.

Moreover, the deceased’s friends and fellow parkour enthusiasts called the move a brave jump.

A friend of Kashin, who was at the place of the accident, shared a mid-air photo of the final stunt.

Additionally, the image was heavily circulated on the internet, receiving equal praise and criticism.

The parents of the parkour genius approved of uploading the image and paying tribute to their son.

Pavel Kashin near a sea
Kashin often posted his stunts on YouTube. (Source: Twitter)

Even while grieving the tragic incident, they believed the accident served as a warning to others who partook in parkour-type activities.

Similarly, Kashin’s father wanted his son’s young followers not to take the risks of the sport too lightly. 

They issued a statement hoping that the example would save someone’s life.

Now, the video of Pavel Kashin has gained traction for being one of the most horrible accidents in parkour history.

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The Daredevil Jump: How Did The Video Resurface Again?

Earlier this year, a TikTok video surged regarding the parkour enthusiast who met his unfaithful end.

Further, the content briefly retells the accident, immediately gaining attraction.

The video ignited users’ interest to learn more about the parkour accident involving Pavel Kashin.

Later, a Reddit discussion forum started on the same topic where users provided insight on the freefall.

Moreover, many questioned whether Kashin knew the landing would be slightly off.

Nevertheless, even after his death, Kashin serves as a warning to all parkour enthusiasts.

Pavel Kashin doing a handstand
Kashin loved to perform in front of a large audience.

The sport of parkouring is quite dangerous, and his final jump further demonstrated the risk associated with the task.

Despite being a trained individual, a minute mistake was enough to end the life of a talented individual.

However, many have tried to replicate the stunt, resulting in much attention to the freefall of Kashin.

Apart from Kashin, David Harrison and Ray Conner are some of the remembered names who lost their lives in the sport.

As adventure attracts young people, they need to take immense precautions for parkour.

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