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Pearl Berg Dead: World’s 9th Oldest Person Family, Kids

Pearl Berg, the world’s 9th oldest person, is dead at 114. She was a Jewish woman from Evansville, Indiana, who lived a life full of love and prosperity, and her family remembers her with utmost gratitude.

For many years, Pearl Berg claimed that she was born in New Orleans, LA, on February 14, 1910.

However, later research with the help of her family members has shed light on her actual birth date.

She was born in 1909 on October 1 to her parents, Archibald and Anna (née Gerson) Synenber.

After living a long and prosperous life and becoming the 9th oldest person in the world, she died at 114.

Her family members were alongside her when she passed away on February 2, 2024.

Pearl Berg was very loving and cheerful, and many people are curious to know more about her after she is dead.

Pearl Berg Dead At 114: Century-Long Legacy And Story Of Love, Loss, And Family Bonds

Incredibly, Pearl Berg was born a century ago; the world was completely different.

Her parents, Archibald and Anna, were of Polish and Russian ancestry.

They could have never imagined that the daughter would reach the age of 114 in 2024.

Pearl berg in red hat
Pearl Berg was also a big philanthropist who was always very helpful to the needy. (Source: Twitter)

They lived completely differently in Pittsburgh when Pearl Berg was just a child.

However, it wasn’t easy for them, so they moved to Los Angeles, California, in 1930.

The Pearl Berg family, after spending seven years in the city, became a member of Temple Israel in 1937.

They would occasionally attend the services and the synagogue at the temple.

By this time, she was already married to her husband, Mark Berg. They tied the knot on December 16, 1931.

Mark was the general manager of his family business, Burg Metals.

Peral Berg Young
Peral Berg was gorgeous when she was young; she had a very different life back then. (Source: Twitter)

Pearl Berg and Mark have two children together, Allen and Robert.

Sadly, her husband passed away in the year 1989, but she was yet to spend another two decades of her life without him.

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Memories Of Pearl Berg: A Loving Grandmother’s Support For Family, Diversity, And Lasting Bonds

Pearl Berg’s family consisted of her two sons, their wives, and her only granddaughter, Belinda Berg.

Belinda recalls an occasion when she had brought her wife Kathryn to meet her grandmother Pearl.

Pearl was very welcoming of Kathryn, which also took Belinda by surprise.

Not only was she very warm and welcoming towards her granddaughter’s wife, but she also extended her philanthropic efforts to LGBTQ organizations.

This was her way to show support to her lesbian granddaughter and her spouse.

Pearl Berg Dead
The family of Pearl Berg will forever have her alive in her memories even after she is dead. (Source: Twitter)

Pearl’s daughter-in-law, Vivienne Laurie Derryck, recalls her in a loving memory.

She says Pearl had a natural way of integrating her into the family.

They are currently at an immense loss now that their beloved mother figure, Pearl Berg, is dead.

They say that her body was starting to slow down during the last four years of her life.

However, even until her last breath before she was dead, Pearl Berg was highly witty and would communicate very well.

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