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Pen Girl Incident Video Goes Viral: What Had Happened? Full Story

Even after years after the incident, the Pen Girl Incident video finds its way to surface online. As curiosity rises among netizens, find out details about the incident further in this article!

A shocking video where a student attacks his friend inside a classroom has been circulating online in recent days.

The content showcases a male student attempting to hurt a female classmate during a class presentation.

Further, the video seems to be captured with a student’s smartphone which sparked discussion on school safety and bullying.

However, the details regarding the video remain a mystery sparking more interest among netizens.

As the Pen Girl Incident video goes viral on several platforms, let’s find out what really happened.

Pen Girl Incident Video Goes Viral: What Had Happened? Full Story

The internet is often filled with shocking videos especially involving school children and classroom activities.

Almost nine months after the original posting, the Pen Girl Incident video has gained attention from internet users.

So, what is the real story behind the incident? Let’s dive into the details and uncover the truth.

Pen Girl Incident original video
The video showcases 14-year-old boys in science class. (Source: Twitter)

The video initially came out through an anonymous account that unfolded at Dom Jacson Damasceno Rodrigues High School in Manaus, Brazil. 

Moreover, a group of boys seem to be presenting a science project for classroom activity.

However, there is a sense of tension among the 14-year-olds as the boys shift their positions.

Soon, one of them comes forward and starts stabbing his female classmate in the face.

The video footage highlights her attempts to shield her face but the 14-year-old proceeds to stab her head and arms.

Similarly, the teacher comes forward to handle the situation but the classroom environment becomes chaotic.

Upon investigation, it was revealed that the victim provoked the stabber after making fun of his mispronunciation.

As the students were conducting a presentation, the girl laughed at their blunder which fueled his anger.

Boy stabbing the girl in Pen Girl Incident
The girl sustained injuries to her eyes and neck. (Source: Reddit)

After the circulation of such a harrowing video, many started referring to it as the Pen Girl Incident.

Moreover, the content found its way to platforms like Twitter and Reddit as people added their assumptions.

Such acts only created more confusion regarding the aftermath of the chilling classroom incident.

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Was The Boy Detained? Aftermath Of Stabbing A Classmate

As the Pen Girl Incident video garnered thousands of views, people wanted to learn what happened next.

Among many speculations, words came out that the victim died from sustaining injuries on her face.

However, the lack of official reports and evidence on the matter makes it hard to understand the truth.

At the end of the video, we can witness the chilling scenes of the classroom where students are running for their safety.

Pen Girl Incident links on twitter
Twitter guidelines have censored the pen girl incident video. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, the 14-year-old boy was eventually sent to a Specialized Police Unit for Infractional Acts in Manaus.

Given his minor nature, the officials could not take harsh actions against the school student.

Regardless, authorities sent him to a youth correctional facility to improve his behavior and class activities.

Meanwhile, the graphic content put a spotlight on school bullying and its impact on student’s actions.

Many noted that the boy’s action could be the result of accumulated anger and resentment towards his classmate.

As young minds are vulnerable to negative feelings, the Pen Girl Incident is a terrifying example of the issue.

Furthermore, the sudden attack of their classmate has also affected the witnesses, leading to a lifetime of trauma.

Currently, discussions on the incident continue to highlight the importance of school safety and rules.

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