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Peso Pluma Parents: Mom Rubí Laija Díaz & Dad Hassam Kadame Toledo

Peso Pluma has been making waves in the music industry, making many curious about his family’s ancestry and background, including his parents.

Hassa Emilio Kabande Laija, known professionally as Peso Pluma, is a Mexican singer and songwriter.

Learning to play the guitar during his early teens, Pluma developed his craft by writing songs inspired by Mexican music.

Further, he has achieved many milestones in the short career that he has had in the industry.

As his popularity grows, many become interested in learning more about Peso Pluma and his relationship with his parents.

Peso Pluma Parents: Mom Rubí Laija Díaz & Dad Hassam Kadame Toledo

Despite being a rising star, Peso Pluma had kept details about his parents undercover for a long time.

Additionally, many rumors hinted that Pluma was Adela Noriega’s son, which is not true.

However, photos of his parents circulated online, giving a glimpse into Peso Pluma and his childhood.

Peso Pluma with his father
Pluma finds inspiration for music from his family. (Source: Instagram)

Further, Pulma was born and raised in the municipality of Zapopan, Jalisco.

His parents were born in Mexico, and his father, Hassam Kadame Toledo, has  Lebanese ancestry.

Moreover, his mother, Rubí Laija Díaz, had relatives in Sinaloa.

Meanwhile, fans online have noticed similarities between Pluma and his father regarding their appearance.

Apart from such details, other information about the parents of Peso Pluma is not available.

Similarly, Pluma often brings his mother to important events like album launches and award shows.

On the other hand, his father stays away from the camera as he seems to have a private lifestyle.

Growing up, Pluma was influenced by the music played at home, which created a passion for entertainment.

Further, Pluma considered music as a therapy and continued creating tunes and rhymes.

Peso Pluma with his family
Pluma has carved his name in Latin music. (Source: Instagram)

After years of writing music together, Pluma worked on two live albums with his cousin, Roberto Laija Gracia.

In addition, he has worked with an independent label and released a collection of his performances around Jalisco.

The Mexican singer earned mainstream success after his song claimed to number 10 in the charts.

Moreover, his work AGM garnered over 5.8 million US streams, making it a Hot Latin Song.

With such a successful career, Pluma has also built a successful personal lifestyle.

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The Mexican Artist: Relationship Details And Rumors

Apart from the details of his parents, many are interested in Peso Pluma’s dating life.

For a long time, the singer sparked rumors about a relationship with Nicki Nicole.

Nicole is an Argentine singer-songwriter known for her singles Wapo Traketero, Colocao, and Mala Vida.

Further, she collaborated with Pluma on a remix of Por Las Noches earlier this year.

In a recent concert, the pop princess shocked fans when she brought the Mexican superstar on stage.

Moreover, after their soulful performance, the duo sparked rumors as they held hands.

Peso Pluma with Nicole
Pluma collaborated with Nicole on a recent remix. (Source: Instagram)

Once the song was over, the crowd began chanting “Kiss!Kiss!” in Spanish, which led to Pluma kissing Nicole on stage.

Similarly, Pluma leaned into her microphone and referred to Nicole as his love.

Fans were in a chokehold following such events as they expressed their excitement through social platforms.

Previously, the duo were spotted stepping out together on various occasions, including a soccer game.

Moreover, during an interview with Amelia at this year’s MTV VMAs, Pluma confirmed he had a girlfriend.

Additionally, Pluma often shares pictures with the female pop star through his social media.

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