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Peter Angelos Health: Is Baltimore Orioles Major Owner Still Alive?

Reports suggest that Peter Angelos has been dealing with a very severe health condition. Meanwhile, his son plans to sell his baseball team to a Baltimore native.

Peter Angelos is a famous American trial lawyer and baseball executive born on July 4, 1929.

He owns most of the shares of the famous American professional baseball team, the Baltimore Orioles.

It was in 1993 when Peter Angelos was able to purchase the Orioles from New York venture capitalist Ellie Jacobs.

He had assembled a group of investors to purchase the baseball team.

The other investors were novelist Tom Clancy, filmmaker Barry Levinson, and tennis player Pam Shriver.

Throughout the years, he has played a significant role in the Baltimore Orioles’ team management.

However, sadly due to the declining health of Peter Angelos, he has now held back on his position as the key controller of the team.

Peter Angelos Health Challenges And Death Rumors: Is He Still Alive?

Various reports suggest that Peter Angelos has been dealing with a severe mental health condition called dementia for several years.

Dementia is a very challenging health condition to go through, as it affects not only the patient but also their loved ones.

Peter Angelos in his office
Peter Angelos is a great example of taking the good and making it better. (Source: Twitter)

This disease affects a person’s capability of thinking, social abilities, and memory.

As the leader of such a big baseball team in America, Peter Angelos had many responsibilities.

Unfortunately, due to his dementia, he could not carry forward his duties as the owner of the Baltimore Orioles.

His closed ones suggest that his health has been declining over the years.

Moreover, there were rumors that Peter was already dead due to his health condition, which is not true at all.

Peter Angelos in baltimore
It is indeed sad that Peter Angelos no longer has control over the team that he took so many years to build. (Source: Twitter)

Peter Angelos is still alive and is 94 years old as of 2024. He has taken rest from the business after handing it to his sons.

Nevertheless, Peter Angelos has made it possible for the Baltimore Orioles to reach unimaginable heights throughout the years.

But sadly, even though he wanted to, he was not able to work in the same way that he did before.

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Orioles Ownership: John Angelos To Sell Team To David Rubenstein And Michael Arougheti

Peter Angelo’s sons Louis and John have now taken over his leadership roles in the Orioles in 2018.

John is now the team’s official controller, while the ownership is still Peter’s.

There were also rumors that Peter Angelos and his son John had plans to relocate the Baltimore Orioles outside of Baltimore.

As a reply to the rumors, John said that neither he nor his father plans to relocate the team.

However, news recently surfaced that John has decided to sell the team to a Baltimore native, David Rubenstein, and Ares Management CEO, Michael Arougheti.

It has come to reports that the deal values the team at $1.725 billion.

Peter Angelos health
Peter Angelos fans are sending him wishes for good health from all over the world. (Source: Twitter)

David will not have all the ownership immediately after the deal gets approved. John will still be an adviser after the sale of the team.

According to the reports, David’s team will only get 100% ownership of the team after the death of Peter Angelos.

Sadly, Peter Angelos’s journey with the Baltimore Orioles seems like it is coming to an end.

However, change is inevitable, and his sons might have thought hard before making such a difficult decision.

Let’s hope that Peter Angelos will get better soon and will no longer have difficulty dealing with his health.

He deserves to live a good life in his elderly years, along with his family.

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