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Phil Schneider Wikipedia: Hilary Swank Husband With Death Hoax

As rumors of Hilary Swank’s death surface online, many look for the Wikipedia of her husband, Phil Schneider. Learn more about the celebrity couple further in this article.

Hilary Swank is an American actress and film producer who first became famous for her role on the TV series Camp Wilder.

She had her breakthrough for starring as Julie Pierce in The Next Karate Kid and its installments.

Moreover, Swank’s other notable works include Boys Don’t Cry, Million Dollar Baby, and Beverly Hills.

Previously, the actress has been named by Time as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

With such fame, news has been surfacing about the death of Hilary Swank, which could be just another internet hoax.

Amidst the rumors, many rush to find details about her husband, Phil Schneider, as searches for his Wikipedia increase.

Hilary Swank Death Hoax: Is She Dead? 2023 Update

Before looking at the Wikipedia of Phil Schneider, let’s address the bigger question among the fans.

During her 30-year-long career, there were several times when people on the Internet have spread rumors about her passing.

Recently, the rumors gained traction after a RIP Hilary Swank Facebook page attracted nearly one million likes.

Wife of Phil Schneider wearing a blue suit
Swank has played strong female lead roles in films. (Source: Instagram)

Further, the details mentioned in the post gave a believable account of the actresses’s passing.

Following such claims, hundreds of fans immediately started writing their messages of condolence on the Facebook page.

Moreover, the rumor traveled to other social platforms, including Twitter, which was abuzz with the death hoax.

However, some users were skeptical about the situation and wanted to conduct a proper fact check.

Since major reporting networks had not followed up on the news, fans were calmed to know the false nature of the rumor.

Additionally, the family and representatives of Swank came forward with an explanation that she was alive and doing well.

Phil Schneider's wife, Hilary in a car
Swank recently gave birth to fraternal twins. (Source: Instagram)

They added the actress has joined a long list of celebrities whom death hoaxes have victimized.

Likewise, Swank’s team requested her fans to stop believing what they see on the Internet easily.

Meanwhile, her admirers expressed anger at such fake reporting, claiming it was reckless and hurtful.

After such an incident, many wanted a statement from her husband, Phil Schneider, and looked for his Wikipedia.

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Phil Schneider Wikipedia: Meet Hilary Swank Husband

Throughout the death hoax of Hilary Swank, many were invested in learning more about Phil Schneider with his Wikipedia.

Born to his parents in California, Phil Schneider is an alumnus of the University of Texas at Austin.

Further, he began focusing on the business field and social ventures right after graduating college.

Phil Schneider stands alongside Hilary Swank
Schneider shares a love for nature with the actress. (Source: Twitter)

As for his life purpose, Schneider is an entrepreneur interested in solving global problems like hunger, education, and climate change.

According to reports, he has been active in the field since 1987, and his first job was as a property assistant on Campus Man.

Apart from his business ventures, Schneider has been part of several fundraisers for needy people.

Moreover, he met Swank on a blind date set up by Supernatural actor Misha Collins’s wife, Victoria Vantoch.

Soon after dating, the 48-year-old businessman proposed to the actress during a vacation in Colorado.

Phil and Hilary in their home
Schneider prefers a private lifestyle and focuses more on his career. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, he set the location in a beautiful sanctuary deep in the mountains, showcasing his love for nature.

Two years after the proposal, the couple exchanged vows at a beautiful ceremony in Redwoods, California.

Likewise, they appeared on Good Morning America and revealed they were expecting their first child.

Fans delightedly welcomed the fraternal twins of the celebrity couple and extended wishes for a happy life ahead.

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