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Philip Chism Wikipedia: Sentence For Murder Of Colleen Ritzer

After the unsettling case of Philip Chism, people have expressed curiosity about his life before and after the case, prompting searches for his Wikipedia page.

Philip Chism, a notorious American criminal, garnered national attention for brutally beating and murdering high school math teacher Colleen Ritzer.

The murder case of Colleen Ritzer sparked vast and pervasive discussions on the internet and social media.

During the time of the murder, Philip Chism was a ninth-grader at Danvers High School in Massachusetts.

According to his friends, Philip was sociable. However, later reports described him as “anti-social” and “really tired and out of it” as time passed. He became more withdrawn and stopped celebrating.

People are actively seeking updates on the murder case of the innocent math teacher Colleen Ritzer. Consequently, people have been searching for the Wikipedia page about Philip Chism to gain information.

Philip Chism Wikipedia: Age And Parent

There has been a significant increase in the Wikipedia page dedicated to Philip Chism as people seek to learn more about his personal life.

Unfortunately, as of now, there is no Wikipedia page dedicated to Philip Chism.

Philip Chism was born on January 21, 1999. He moved from Tennessee to Danvers, Massachusetts, in the fall of 2013. He is currently 25 years old as of 2024.

Philip in court his hand being cuffed
Philip Chism was a freshman in Colleen Ritzer’s math class (Source: Instagram)

Philip Chism’s parents are Stacy Tremayne Chism and Diana Amanda Chism. Their complex and fluctuating marriage significantly influenced the upbringing of their son.

Further, he also had a sister named Isabella Christina Chism. Growing up in America, Philip faced difficulties as his parents split up due to his father’s disrespectful and unfaithful behaviour.

Philip Chism committed the brutal murder while studying at Danvers High School. Moreover, aside from his skill as a soccer player, he wasn’t well-known at the school.

As a freshman at Danvers High School, Philip committed the deeds against his 24-year-old math teacher, Colleen Ritzer. During the class, she attempted to talk to him about Tennessee.

However, since no Wikipedia is available, little information about early life facts is known.

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Philip Chism Murdered His Teacher Collen Ritzer

The brutal murder of Colleen Ritzer in Danvers, Massachusetts, in 2013 still horrifies the country.  On October 22, 2013, Philip Chism, a ninth-grader at Danvers High School in Massachusetts, committed the unthinkable.

Just at the age of 14, he abused math teacher Colleen Ritzer who was a 24-year-old. The crime committed by him was horrifying.

Philip Chism followed Colleen into a school lavatory, where he stabbed, strangled, and abused her sexually with a tree branch.

CCTV footage of Philip Chism dragging dustbin
The killer entered the same lavatory after Colleen (Source: Twitter)

Later, he dumped her corpse in a nearby forested area. The attack’s severity shocked everyone in the close-knit community.

Furthermore, it was astonishing that such a terrible crime could occur within a school.

Court filings indicate that they discovered Colleen’s body in a forested region behind the athletic field of a northeastern Massachusetts secondary school.

Additionally, it was hidden under leaves and debris, seemingly to hide it. Colleen Ritzer was a happy and cheerful teacher who adored her students and taught them math in a way that made learning enjoyable.

Likewise, Colleen also treated Chism no differently. Philip’s defence asserted that he suffered from mental health issues, including early-onset schizophrenia.

It added complexity to discussions regarding the accountability of young individuals and the role of mental illness in criminal behaviour.

The trial concluded with Philip Chism being found guilty of the brutal crime. 

Philip Chism Case Update 

Philip Chism is a prisoner at the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley, Massachusetts, pursuing a 40-year to life sentence for killing Ritzer. He faces charges of first-degree murder.

Attorneys Michael Schneider and Benjamin Brooks are working on an essential legal breakthrough in Philip Chism’s case.

Likewise, they are pursuing a change in the legal system’s approach to teenage brain development in criminal culpability cases. Michael and Benjamin are asking the state supreme court to make a rule.

Philip side profile in right and Colleen smiling in left
Philip trailed Colleen into a school restroom after the school day (Source: Twitter)

They want judges to let juries think about new ideas about how teenagers’ brains develop. This will help decide if a teenage defendant has a mental illness or problem.

Their main objective is to broaden the legal system’s acceptance of new hypotheses on the maturation of the teenage brain.

Moreover, they stress how changes in hormones and the brain’s structure can mix with mental health issues. This shows that scientists are learning more about how teenagers’ brains develop.

Michael and Benjamin assert that Philip, at 14 years and nine months old, committed the crime, making this instruction essential in his situation.

Anticipate additional court hearings and legal debates in the case, potentially changing how the legal system considers teenage brain development in criminal culpability cases.

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