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PJ Washington Children: Paul, Aiden, And Preston From His Wife

The Hornets player PJ Washington and his picture-perfect family have been the topic of interest for many as they search for details about his children.

Born on August 23, 1998, Paul Jamaine Washington Jr. is an American professional basketball player.

He plays for the Charlotte Hornets of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Even though he is not an All-Star level player, Washinton is a solid role player coveted by teams.

Moreover, despite his lack of stardom, the player has had a fair share of the media spotlight.

As his family portraits surface online, fans wonder about the children of PJ Washington and his baby mamas.

PJ Washington Children: Paul, Aiden, And Preston From Both Wife

With a considerable sports record, the children of PJ Washington have become an interesting topic for many.

PJ Washington has three children with internet sensations, Brittany Renner and Alisha Chanel.

Renner is a former athlete herself, having played soccer for Jackson State University.

Likewise, she found her ticket to fame via fitness-related social media content.

PJ Washington with his children
Washington aims to be a good father to his kids. (Source: Instagram)

However, the couple did not stay together for long, as after a while, the two went on their way with a mutual understanding.

Meanwhile, during their relationship, Washington had a son, Paul Jermaine Washington III, whom they co-parent.

Moreover, after their dramatic split, rumors surfaced that Renner receives child support from the player.

Further, reports stated that Washington paid $200k per month as a payment for their son.

However, the influencer came forward and said that she gets nowhere near that amount and does her best to provide for their child.

Similarly, she clarified that the player only pays her less than 2% of the rumored amount.

PJ Washington wedding day
Washington often posts about his wife, Chanel. (Source: Instagram)

On the other hand, Chanel, an Instagram star, focuses on lifestyle, beauty, and fitness content while running her beauty salon.

Recently, Washington and Chanel tied the knot in a glamorous ceremony, which can be seen in Chanel’s enchanting snapshot on social media.

Meanwhile, it seems their journey to married life began with their engagement in 2022.

Soon after their engagement, the pair welcomed their son, Preston Julian Washington on December 17, 2022.

Not to leave out, Chanel also had a son named Aiden Joseph, from a previous relationship, whom PJ Washington considers as his own and loves equally as his other two children.

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NBA Player PJ Washington: Career Details And Net Worth

The NBA player PJ Washington has had a remarkable career, with many accomplishments under his name.

Raised in Kentucky, Washington was destined to become a basketball player as his parents were also involved in the sport.

His parents, Sherry and Paul, played Division I basketball at Middle Tennessee State.

PJ Washington aims for a score
Washington comes from a family of players. (Source: Instagram)

Later, Washington played for two high schools, Findley Prep and Prime Prep Academy.

After traveling the country for basketball, he returned to his hometown and joined the University of Kentucky Wildcats.

Moreover, he played two seasons for the Wildcats before entering the 2019 NBA Draft.

Similarly, Washington was selected 12th overall by the Charlotte Hornets and inked his name in the contract.

His NBA debut instantly got his name in the spotlights, as he had an impressive day against the Chicago Bulls.

Additionally, Washington set a debut record with seven made three-pointers.

Currently, the basketball player has a $7.8 million 2-year deal with the Hornets and a multi-year shoe deal with Nike.

PJ Kentucky team
Washington has an impressive stats record. (Source: Instagram)

Along with a successful professional life, PJ Washington has built a perfect home with his children.

Further, he recently shared heartwarming family photos of their blended family.

In the photos captured by Portier McCoy, Washington, and the boys can be seen dressed in black tuxedos.

Similarly, his fans adored the adorable photo that radiated love and connection in the player’s family.

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