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Playboi Carti Sister BadgirlKee Real Name? Twitter Erupts!

The Twitter community is in a frenzy as the users criticize the actions of Playboi Carti and his sister following a live stream with Adin Ross. But did users doxx the rapper’s sister? Find out the details further in this article!

Jordan Terrell Carter, professionally known as Playboi Carti, is an American rapper and singer-songwriter.

He is reputed for his rage and trap music, which has contributed to the mainstream progress of the genre.

Further, Carti’s debut studio album, Die Lit, reached number three on the US Billboard 200, further pushing his popularity.

Currently, the rapper is working on his third studio album, scheduled for release in 2024.

However, his music isn’t why people have shown interest in the family of Playboi Carti, including his sister.

Following a recent livestream with Adin Ross, fans are enraged to witness the rapper’s actions.

Now, people are curious about the real name and personal details of the singer’s sister.

Playboi Carti Sister BadgirlKee Real Name? Twitter Erupts!

Soon after the Adin Ross stream, platforms like Twitter erupted to find information regarding the sister of Playboi Carti.

According to users, his sister disrespected the fandom along with passing sarcastic comments.

Further, she goes by the handle @badgirlkee on Twitter but has maintained a private account with her tweets protected.

Playboi Carti sister Twitter account
Carti’s sister commented on the Adin Ross stream. (Source: Twitter)

Such actions have made it difficult to ascertain her real name and other personal details.

As a popular figure, fans always anticipate the new releases and albums of Playboi Carti.

Moreover, many speculated that his Grammy performance would be used as a momentum to release new songs.

However, that wasn’t the case, which left fans disappointed and looking for answers when his sister decided to speak up.

In a series of tweets, BadgirlKee mocked the fans, leading to much discussion about her background.

Playboi Carti sister tweets
Carti’s sister mocked fans, which led to serious backlash. (Source: Twitter)

Soon, people doxxed the addresses and phone numbers of both Playboi Carti and his sister, which put their online presence under threat.

Amidst the chaos, it was revealed that BadgirlKee is not the sister of Playboi Carti as she appeared to be his cousin.

Regardless, there is no proper evidence to verify such claims as the rapper maintains secrecy over his family background.

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Carti Finessed Adin Ross Of $2 Million: What Happened On The Livestream?

Over the past few days, Adin Ross promised his fans a close livestream with the trap rapper.

Further, the streamer posted cryptic Twitter updates, creating hype around the event.

Shortly after, Ross confirmed that Carti would appear on his Kick livestream after a payment of $2 million in cash.

Playboi Carti on Ross's stream
Carti attended the stream after his Grammy performance. (Source: Twitter)

However, the schedule did not go as planned, as fans noticed several problems with the trending event.

According to the users, they had to wait over 6 hours to get a glimpse of Carti on the live stream.

Moreover, the rapper left the stream while Ross was speaking and came back after an hour.

Among many eccentric behaviors, Carti started dancing in front of the audience and repeated ” I Love You” for five minutes.

Additionally, Carti maintained minimal interaction with Ross, creating an awkward environment.

As the stream ended, Ross revealed that the rapper didn’t keep his end of the deal by leaving early.

Similarly, the streamer restricted access to Carti to the special jet booked for the after-event.

Adin Ross in his livestream
Fans around the world anticipated Ross’s livestream. (Source: Twitter)

Fans were disheartened to witness the rapper’s disrespectful actions and decided to announce his residence details publicly.

The Twitter community is now in shambles as many claim that the new Carti album will face loss.

During times of difficulty, Ross’s fans stuck together to show support for the streamer.

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