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Did Pokimane Accidentally Leak Herself During Twitch Stream?

As one of the popular online streamers, Pokimane cannot seem to steer clear from controversies as news of her leak from Twitch surfaces online.

Imane Anys, known as Pokimane, is a Moroccan and Canadian social media personality.

She is popularly known for her live streams on Twitch, where she broadcasts video game content.

Further, Pokimane has streamed and commented on Fortnite as a part of her sponsorship deal.

The online personality is currently the most-followed female streamer on the platform.

Likewise, the creator is the co-founder of Offline TV, a social entertainment group of content creators.

Many tech news websites have described Pokimane as a laidback but enthusiastic personality.

Now, as controversies shroud her name, many wonder about the leak of Pokimane on the Twitch stream.

Did Pokimane Accidentally Leak Herself During Twitch Stream?

Pokimane has been the face of many scandals, and the leak of her information is not a new occurrence.

Viewers often quickly judge the streamer based on her online activities.

Once, Pokimane left her computer in one of her older streams for a bit.

However, her shirt was left open when she returned, exposing her chest to viewers.

Pokimane live stream Twitch
Pokimane has faced many scandals in her career. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Pokimane proceeded with her live chat, unaware of her appearance.

Later, the clips of the incidents and the Video On Demand on Twitch were removed.

But some users were quick enough to grab and share the footage on platforms like Reddit and Twitter.

Despite the spread of her images, many shared their concern for the streamer and her embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

Additionally, it wasn’t the only leak Pokimane has faced in her streaming career.

During one of her live streams of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Pokimane left a screen with her email visible.

Moreover, viewers could also see her Activision ID, which resulted in many incoming friend requests.

As a popular online figure, she showed frustration as she failed to censor her personal information.

Pokimane poses for a photo
Pokimane also has a new product line. (Source: Instagram)

Apart from such incidents, Twitch has also banned Pokimane for 48 hours.

Likewise, the platform removed the streamer after they streamed Avatar: The Last Airbender.

However, many think the streamer intentionally does some of the incidents to gain attention.

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Twitch Streamer Issues Apology: Controversial Joke Online

Apart from the leak of her details, Pokimane faces backlash online for her recent remarks.

Recently, the leading streamer revealed her newest company that she had been working on for two years: Myna Snacks.

Further, the product was a health-conscious snack with gluten-free ingredients.

As Pokimane celebrated the launch of her company, many were skeptical about the product.

Moreover, netizens quickly called her product a Toatzy Midnight Mini Cookies rip-off.

Pokimane with her new product
Pokimane faced backlash for her new cookie launch. (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, when people compared the price, many found that the streamer was charging a high price.

When confronted about the issue, Pokimane called her fans broke, enraging them.

Additionally, it stirred negative sentiments among fans as they slammed the Twitch streamer.

The drama did not end there as people brought up her older tweets where she made similar comments.

Similarly, users on Twitter wrote,

Pokimane is the fakest person I’ve ever seen in this community. Her whole persona is not real even her voice.

Moreover, Pokimane has offered her perspective on the situation and even released an apology.

In addition, she expressed her intention to address the pricing concerns by working with her team.

Despite such allegations, other followers of Pokimane continue to support her and the business.

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