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Queen Announces Prince William To Be King! Buckingham News

With King Charles III undergoing cancer treatment, speculation intensifies on how the Queen will officially announce Prince William as the future King. So, is Prince William the new King Of Buckingham?

Prince William holds the title of Prince of Wales and is in line to succeed to the British throne.

He is the eldest child of King Charles III and Princess Diana.

Following prostate surgery, King Charles III withdrew from public life due to a cancer diagnosis.

With this news, there’s growing curiosity about the succession and the new heir to the throne.

This made netizens assume the Queen announced Prince William as the new King.

Queen Announces Prince William To Be King? Big News From Buckingham

As King Charles III took a break from all duties, people understood why he was absent.

On the other hand, this gave rise to allegations that Prince William was announced as the King by the Queen.

However, there isn’t any official indication that Prince William will take on the mantle of King and all related obligations.

Prince William in black suit
Prince William is married to Catherine Middleton and has three children. (Source: Twitter)

Furthermore, Prince William has not made public statements about the King’s cancer diagnosis, although it is likely that he has been thinking about it.

Meanwhile, social media buzzes with tweets and posts speculating that Prince William will ascend to the throne.

However, Prince William will resume public duties following his wife’s medical procedure and amid the King’s cancer diagnosis.

Buckingham Palace assured that the King’s early-detected cancer points to a positive recovery, with him remaining wholly optimistic.

King Charles and William
King Charles is amazingly coping after his treatment. (Source: Twitter)

Yet, it reminds Prince William of his changing role, especially in the short term, taking on more responsibilities during the King’s recovery.

But Prince William is indeed the legitimate successor to the throne, despite the speculations that the Queen announced him to be King.

Prince William may, therefore, become King in the future, barring any unanticipated events.

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King Charles III Health: Why Was Meeting Between King And Prince Harry Short?

King Charles III is reportedly coping well after a recent hospital procedure for benign prostate enlargement and a subsequent cancer diagnosis.

However, he’s a bit frustrated as his diagnosis has affected both his plans and those around him.

Further, Prince Harry’s visit to London to see his father indicates a slight improvement in their relationship, a small thaw in their connection.

Harry reportedly visited the King at his London residence, spending about 45 minutes in their meeting.

Harry and william
Prince Harry is the second child of King Charles and Princess Diana. (Source: Twitter)

Their brief meeting duration suggests that Harry may have considered his father’s need for rest during this time.

I’m sure Harry would have loved to have spent more time with him, but he’s probably quite respectful of his dad going through his treatment.

The brief visit holds weight as a reunion between a father and son who’ve had limited contact over the past four years.

The fact that their relationship has been complicated highlights how important the King’s younger son’s visit will be.

William and King charles
The Queen has not announced Prince William as a King. (Source: Twitter)

However, there are no arrangements for a meeting. Therefore, it seems that Harry and William’s relationship is still tense.

Furthermore, according to sources, the Duke chose a central London hotel over one of the royal residences.

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