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Does Queen Rania Plastic Surgery List Include A Nose Job?

Rumors about plastic surgery are a never-ending phenomenon in modern pop culture, which even affect royals like Queen Rania, whose beauty is getting praised along with the doubts about a nose job.

Rania Al Abdullah was born on August 31, 1970, into a Palestinian household.

She has been married to the current King of Jordan, Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein, since June 10, 1993, at Zahran Palace.

Now, the royal couple has four children, including Crown Prince Hussein, Princess Iman, Princess Salma, and Prince Hashem.

Meanwhile, Rania became queen after her husband proclaimed the throne in 1999. She has been a queen for more than 20 years.

The queen is a philanthropist and a social worker involved in education, community and youth empowerment, and health.

Her Majesty is famous for her evergreen beauty and young looks. So, many people are speculating about the recent nose job in Queen Rania.

Queen Rania Plastic Surgery List Include A Nose Job!

Queen Rania is 53 years old, but she looks like she is still in her twenties.

Some might take her as a natural beauty, but as you know, no one can battle time and age.

Apparently, the queen is a rich lady and can afford to look good using current cosmetic techniques such as plastic surgeries.

Queen Rania with her family members
Queen Rania is fluent in Arabic, English, and French. (Source: Instagram)

For some, her clean and wrinkle-free face is due to Botox, fillers, and facelifts.

However, recently, rumors about the nose job of Queen Rania have trended online.

The obsession with looking young is not a new thing, as many have tried to maintain their younger looks in the past.

The same applies to Queen Rania, as she is surely making good use of the latest cosmetic procedures.

It is clearly evident in her cheeks when she smiles; her face looks chubby and filled. It is clearly because of her fillers.

Her lips also look perfectly shaped, a bit too perfect for a naturally aging person.

Furthermore, her face has also not sagged like other women of her age. These clearly indicate her facelift surgeries.

In addition, rumors have that she is slowly going to get her nose job done, making her nose look narrower and slimmer than ever.

Queen Rania talking to teachers.
Queen Rania is a winner of the UNESCO Prize for Education for Peace. ( Source: Instagram)

Also, we can compare her current photos to her past pictures to make a distinction between her facial structures.

On the other hand, many claim that her beauty is natural and that Queen Rania has never had a nose job or cosmetic enhancement.

People can clearly have their perceptions.

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Queen Rania’s Early Life And Marriage

Her Majesty Rania is a 53-year-old Jordanian queen who is of Palestinian descent. Her father is Faisal Al-Yassin from the West Bank.

Meanwhile, her maternal grandfather has Turkish roots.

As for education, the queen is a graduate of Business Administration from the American University in Cairo.

Previously, she worked for Citibank and Apple Inc. in Jordan.

Interestingly, King Abdullah and Queen Rania met in a pretty romantic scenario.

Queen Rania posing with the King
Queen Rania is a passionate advocate for interfaith dialogue and understanding. (Source: Instagram)

Abdullah’s sister invited Her Majesty Rania to a dinner, and the Prince was also at the dinner.

Upon meeting, the couple instantly fell in love and dated for two months before getting engaged.

At the time, Rania was not royalty, and marrying a prince was a bit intimidating for her.

The couple’s royal wedding was as lavish as it could be. Some can say that it was a fairytale wedding. The wedding day was also proclaimed a national holiday.

Meanwhile, recently, in 2023, the royal family again celebrated an extravagant wedding of Crown Prince Hussein to Rajwa Al Saif.

The recent royal wedding in Jordanian royal family.
Queen Rania wishes her son, Crown Prince Hussein, and daughter-in-law Rajwa a happy life ahead. (Source: Instagram)

Some claim that the wedding was quite similar to that of Prince’s parents.

One of the many hot topics of the wedding was the beauty and cosmetic improvement of Queen Rania, especially the nose job.

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