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Rafael Reyes Daughter Pamela: Are Both Of Them Nazi?

Rafael Reyes has found himself in the debate about his political ideology in several instances, and this time many speculate that his estranged daughter is a Nazi. But, what is the truth? Let’s explore.

Born on August 2, 1975, Rafael Reyes, also known as Leafar Seyer, is an American author, artist, and musician.

He is credited for creating the cholo goth genre of music, which incorporates the realities of gang and street life.

Furthermore, Reyes is linked to the band Prayers with Dave Parley and often performs solo as Nite Ritual.

Over the years, the goth musician has released several albums including Gothic Summer, SD Killwave, and CHOLOGOTH.

However, the fame hasn’t come easy to Reyes as he has been scrutinized for his activities leading to major controversies.

Among them, many speculate that Rafael Reyes is a Nazi and seek details about his family background, including his daughter.

Rafael Reyes Daughter Pamela: Are Both Of Them Nazi?

Looking at his personal life, Rafael Reyes has a daughter, Pamela, from a previous relationship from whom he is estranged.

Moreover, such turbulent bond has inspired the artist to create music that blends in the reality.

Opening up about his daughter, Rafael Reyes stated that he cut ties with her after an unfortunate incident of sexual abuse.

Rafeal Reyes with his Swastik tattoo
Reyes has served several years in prison for charges of assault.

Further, Pamela was underage when she was in a sexual relationship with some of her friends.

Such events led to Reyes losing his trust in his daughter, making him distance himself from Pamela’s life.

While the singer gained popularity, the 22-year-old daughter maintained her secret life away from the spotlight.

Meanwhile, Reyes sparked rumors about being a Nazi after revealing a Swastik tattoo on his neck.

The backlash heightened following the singer’s silence as many labeled him and his family, including his daughter, as an anti-semitic.

However, his fans noted that the tattoo did not align with the Nazi symbol as they used a right-facing Swastik symbol.

Additionally, Reyes stated that he is a native from his mother’s side, while his father is of Jewish origin.

Rafael Reyes post about his background from 2019
Reyes has clarified his religious and political beliefs. (Source: Facebook)

This helped to debunk the speculations that Rafael Reyes and his daughter follow Nazi ideologies.

Further, the singer has several sacred symbols tatted on his body including a star of David and Om.

Despite such inks, Reyes claims that it doesn’t truly represent his affiliation with a particular religion or beliefs.

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Gang Life And Imprisonment: The Dark Early Life Of Reyes

Apart from speculation about his link to Nazis, Rafael Reyes has had a life full of struggle and conflict.

Previously, Reyes joined a gang after a local scuffle that involved his father and younger sister.

Further, he was a part of the Sherman Grant Hill Park 27 gang but the members lacked mutual trust.

Rafael Reyes with his wife
Reyes’s wife supports him during several controversies and scandals. (Source: Instagram)

This resulted in several individuals jumping on Reyes multiple times, putting his life in grave danger.

As the years passed by, the singer was a renowned name in the streets as many respected his courage and fighting spirit.

However, such a lifestyle didn’t last long, as a member of a rival gang stabbed Reyes in the face, leaving a visible mark on his forehead.

The goth singer also served six months in prison for assault with a three-strikes law under California’s regulations.

Similarly, one more conviction would have sentenced Reyes to decades or life in prison.

Rafael with his son
Reyes wanted to protect his family by joining gangs. (Source: Instagram)

Currently, Reyes lives a life clean from the street lifestyle with his music and art as the primary focus.

Further, he wrote and published Living Dangerously, a novel mixing reality and fiction, about his early life and struggles.

Now, he leads a happy life with his wife, Kat Von D who is a talented makeup and tattoo artist.

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