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Rebecca Grossman Daughter Zubaida: Husband Peter & Family

In recent times, Rebecca Grossman has been undergoing trial for her involvement in the 2020 car accident that resulted in the tragic death of two young boys, and following the emergence of news across online media, many are looking for her family details, including her daughter.

Rebecca Grossman is an L.A. socialite, dedicated humanitarian, and forward-thinking business visionary.

She is widely recognized as the co-founder and chairperson of the Grossman Burn Foundation.

The foundation provides burn prevention education and establishes self-sustainable burn treatment communities.

Additionally, Rebecca Grossman and her husband actively participate in various charitable organizations.

The ongoing trial related to the tragic death of two young boys due to Rebecca Grossman has sparked curiosity about her personal life.

As a result, netizens are eager to uncover details about the family of Rebecca Grossman, including her husband and daughters.

Rebecca Grossman Daughter, Zubaida: Husband Peter & Family

Recent searches for the personal life of Rebecca Grossman, including her family and daughter, have surged.

Rebecca is in a marital union with proficient plastic and reconstructive surgeon Peter Grossman.

Rebecca Grossman with her husband, son and daughter
Rebecca Grossman was named Woman of the Year 45th District by The State of California. (Source: Twitter)

Despite their public presence, the couple has chosen to keep a low profile regarding their wedding, refraining from revealing many details.

Dr. Peter Grossman and Rebecca have been active U.S.-Afghan Women’s Council members for over a decade, supporting Afghan women in various areas.

Apart from their professional life, the couple has a beautiful family with two wonderful children. 

Furthermore, Rebecca and Peter Grossman openly recognize Zubaida as not only their daughter but also a cherished member of their family.

Rebecca and her husband, Peter Grossman, served as legal guardians for Zubaida Hasan from Afghanistan.

Rebecca Grossman daughter, Zubaida Hasan
Zubaida is now back with her family in Afghanistan and serves as a burn survivors’ ambassador with the Grossman Burn Foundation. (Source: Reddit)

They assisted her through reconstructive surgery for a disfiguring burn injury till the age of 17.

In due course, Zubaida became like a daughter to Rebecca and Peter Grossman. Now, she is married and has a daughter of her own.

Despite everything, having Zubaida in their lives is a profound honor for Rebecca and Peter Grossman.

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Tragic Accident: The Case Involving the Fatalities of Two Young Boys

Rebecca Grossman earned widespread respect for her impactful humanitarian efforts.

However, her life underwent a drastic turn following her involvement in a car accident that claimed the lives of two young individuals.

Rebecca, two young kids and crashed car in the picture
Rebecca Grossman accused former Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Scott Erickson of double murder. (Source: Twitter)

Grossman and her boyfriend, ex-Dodgers pitcher Scott Erickson, were in a speed drive after drinks at a local restaurant.

The incident occurred at the Saddle Mountain Drive and Triunfo Canyon Road intersection in Westlake Village.

Her reckless driving led to the tragic loss of Mark Iskander, 11, and Jacob Iskander, 8, who were skateboarding at the time.

On the night of the accident, authorities arrested her, but she posted bail and was released on October 1.

Rebecca walking with husband and daughter
Rebecca Grossman is a co-founder of the Grossman Burn Foundation. (Source: Twitter)

Investigators found Rebecca to be under the influence and speeding, contributing to the crash.

Recently, Rebecca Grossman, accompanied by her daughter and husband, attended jury selection for her hit-and-run trial.

She faces one count of hit-and-run driving that results in death and two counts of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence.

Therefore, Rebecca, having secured a $2 million bond, faces a potential 34-year prison sentence if found guilty.

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