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Red Grant Wikipedia: Know About The Comedian/Actor Bio

Following Red Grant’s call on Instagram to join Team Red in the MLK Day Parade on January 15th, 2024, people are searching for more information about Red Grant, leading to increased interest in his potential Wikipedia page.

Rodney Red Grant, aka Red Grant, actively engages in multiple roles, showcasing his talents as a comedian, actor, writer, and producer.

Moreover, he grew up in Washington, D.C., and started doing comedy when he was 19 years old.

Red Grant is well-respected and represents the African American community.

Besides making people laugh, he also does important things in politics and charity.

In 2022, he wanted to be the mayor and talked about things like affordable houses, helping communities that need help, and making education better.

Furthermore, he also created programs for young people to be creative like Don’t Shoot Guns, Shoot Cameras, and Beyond Your Block.

His diverse career and contributions to various fields make him a notable figure.

Recently, Red Grant grabbed huge attention by calling supporters to join Team Red in the MLK Day Parade, taking a stand against gun violence.

This led people to search for more information about Red Grant on Wikipedia.

Red Grant Wikipedia: Know About The Actor/Comedian Bio

Despite enjoying significant limelight and success, Wikipedia has not dedicated a page to Red Grant.

Rodney Red Grant was born on December 27, 1978, making him 45 years old in 2024.

Details about his biological parents are not readily available; however, there is information that his grandparents raised him.

Moreover, Red Grant attended Holy Redeemer Elementary School, Sousa Middle School, and graduated from Dunbar Senior High School.

Red Grant is seen smiling, showcasing his distinctive teeth gap, while dressed in a gray and black mixed hoodie.
As of 2024, Red Grant does not have a dedicated Wikipedia page. (Source: Instagram)

Rodney Red Grant is of African American ethnicity and follows Christianity.

Red’s career began in 1996 when he started performing at New York’s Apollo Theatre, marking the initiation of his journey in the entertainment industry.

Furthermore, he began working for the DC Department of Parks and Recreation at the age of 19, serving as a mentor and coach to numerous local youth.

Also, he earns renown for his contagious laugh and tireless work ethic, Red spends a solid 48 weeks a year on the road performing stand-up comedy.

Red Grant has advanced his career by starring in notable films such as American Hustle and First Sunday.

Red Grant is pictured hanging out with Snoop Dog.
Red Grant has collaborated with numerous renowned celebrities throughout his career. (Source: Instagram)

He shared the screen with artists like Katt Williams, Ice Cube, and Tracy Morgan.

On Shaq’s All-Star Comedy Jam and Comedy Central’s Reality Bites Back, Red Grant showcased his comedic talent.

Behind the camera, he has worked for Viacom, producing over 25 shows for the network, employing thousands of people, and managing million-dollar budgets.

Moreover, Grant is a respected representative of the African American community and has announced his candidacy for mayor in 2022.

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Navigating Red Grant’s Marriage, and Parenthood.

Rodney Red Grant happily married Noell Grant, and they tied the knot after a period of dating.

Their wedding ceremony was an intimate and exclusive gathering, with the presence of close friends and family.

However, the exact date of Rodney Red Grant’s marriage to Noell Grant is not publicly available.

Red Grant and his family posing for a photo.
Red Grant and Noell Grant got married quietly and privately. (Source: Instagram)

Afterwards, the couple welcomed two daughters, Ashley Grant and Payton Grant.

Ashley, one of Red Grant’s daughters, prefers to maintain a low-key lifestyle, keeping her matters away from the public eye.

Her sister Payton aspires to become a DJ and YouTuber, actively managing Payton’s World YouTube channel.

However, the birth dates of their children are not publicly disclosed.

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