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Redd Foxx Grandparents: Meet Jerry Sanford And Mattie

Even after his passing, the renowned American stand-up comedian and actor Redd Foxx continues to pique curiosity among fans, prompting them to delve into details about his personal life, including his relationship with his grandparents.

Redd Foxx, born John Elroy Sanford, made a lasting mark as an American comedian and actor showcasing his talent.

Achieving success with his provocative nightclub performances, he rose to prominence before and during the civil rights movement.

His filmography encompassed diverse projects such as All the Fine Young Cannibals, Cotton Comes to Harlem and Norman……Is That You?.

Famous for his explicit comedy, Redd Foxx influenced comedians with memorable catchphrases and expressive humor.

Even after his demise, there’s a continued fascination with the personal life of Redd Foxx, especially his relationship with his grandparents.

Redd Foxx Grandparents: Meet Jerry Sanford And Mattie

Curiosity abounds as many seek to uncover details about the relationship of Redd Foxx with his grandparents.

Here, we present information about the early life of Redd Foxx and details about his grandparents.

Redd Foxx
He earned the nickname Redd because of his red complexion and hair color. (Source: Twitter)

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, on December 9, 1922, Redd Foxx was raised in the South Side of Chicago.

Further, his father, Fred “Freddie” Sanford, worked as an electrician and auto mechanic but parted ways with the family sometime after 1930.

His upbringing was overseen by his half-Seminole mother, Mary Hughes, originally from Ellisville, Mississippi.

Additionally, his grandmother and minister played crucial roles in his upbringing.

Despite the scarcity of details about the grandparents of Redd Foxx, the names of his paternal grandfather and grandmother were Jerry Sanford and Mattie, respectively.

Redd Foxx black and whie photo looking sideways
Distinguished as the “King of the Party Records,” Redd Foxx contributed to over 50 records during his lifetime. (Source: CNN)

Like many in showbiz, Redd Foxx chose privacy over public disclosure in his personal life.

Despite this, people remain curious about those who played a crucial role in shaping the upbringing of a renowned comedian.

This curiosity has prompted many to search for information about Redd Foxx’s mother and grandparents.

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The Career Journey Of The Late Comedian And Actor

Redd Foxx, breaking barriers, was one of the first black comedians to charm white audiences on the Las Vegas Strip.

Moreover, his series of comedy albums, spread across multiple labels, swiftly gained cult status.

He reached the peak of fame by starring in the television sitcom Sanford and Son, an American adaptation of the BBC series Steptoe and Son.

Redd and Demond
In recognition of his contributions, Redd Foxx was posthumously awarded a star on the St. Louis Walk of Fame in 1992. (Source: Twitter)

The sitcom became a standout in black sitcoms, redefining the genre with its bold use of racial humor and explicit prejudices.

Through his lead role, Foxx helped secure jobs for acquaintances like LaWanda Page, Slappy White, Gregory Sierra, and others.

Foxx exited Sanford and Son in 1977 after six seasons, choosing to lead a short-lived ABC variety show.

This decision ultimately led to the cancellation of the NBC series.

In 1989, Foxx starred in Eddie Murphy’s film Harlem Nights, showcasing his talent in a significant role.

Further, Foxx returned to the spotlight with the brief series The Royal Family, where he shared the screen with Della Reese.

redd resting his hand
He was married four times. (Source: Twitter)

Additionally, Foxx mastered diverse comedy genres, seamlessly blending wordplay, observational humor, black comedy, and blue comedy in his acts.

Foxx’s comedy touched on key themes, exploring African-American culture, human sexuality, race relations, and everyday social issues.

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