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Renee Bach Wikipedia: White Savior Complex Controversies And Contributions

After the release date announcement of Savior Complex, some netizens are slamming Renee Bach for her misdeed while some are looking for her Wikipedia page to learn the full story.

Renee Bach is an American missionary who founded a charitable treatment center for severely malnourished children in Uganda.

In 2009, nineteen-year-old Renee Bach established a Christian non-profit organization named Serving His Children.

The main agenda of her organization was to eradicate malnutrition in the community of Uganda.

However, people have accused Bach of taking part in medical intervention despite having no medical qualifications.

Due to these controversies, netizens became interested in Renee Bach Wikipedia, which is not online yet.

Renee Bach Wikipedia: Early Life Before God’s Call

Raised in Virginia in a Christian Family, Bach is popularly known as a founder of her NGO Serving His Children.

After graduating from high school, she went to Jinga, Uganda, and worked there for nine months at a missionary-run orphanage.

Later, she traveled back to Uganda with a white savior mentality and started her organization to help malnourished children.

The director of her NGO was Bach’s mother, but we know nothing about her mother since Renee Bach does not have her official Wikipedia page yet.

Sick Children at the organization unit
Children sleeping at the Serving His Children organization unit in Uganda. (Source: ABC News)

Bach rented a house in the Masese district of Jinja, which she turned into a nutrition center.

Her organization first gave free meals to needy families and then offered free medical treatment for malnourished children.

She also partnered with the government of Uganda to provide inpatient therapeutic care for children.

But, people have tainted Bach’s work with allegations of recklessness and incompetency.

renee bach a white devil
People have given the nickname ‘A White Devil’ to Renee Bach. (Source: Twitter)

Renee Bach Wikipedia is not available, so there is no information available on the internet about her personal life.

Nevertheless, it is known that Bach married Matthew Karn from Roanoke, VA, on July 31, 2021.

Meanwhile, the absence of Renee Bach Wikipedia disappointed many fans who wanted to know more about her personal life after the recent controversies.

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The Controversies About Renee Bach in Savior Complex!

The upcoming HBO documentary Savior Complex presents the controversial story surrounding Renee Bach.

People claimed that Bach was playing the role of a “white savior” by moving to Uganda.

Without formal medical training, she started an organization and began medical practice to care for sick children.

In 2019, an advocacy group called Women’s Probono Initiative filed a lawsuit against Bach and her organization in the High Court of Uganda.

Screenshot of Savior Complex documentary
Bach appeared in the first official trailer of HBO’s docuseries’ Savior Complex’ (Source: Twitter )

They filed the case based on human rights violations and class discrimination.

The advocacy group requested monetary damages for two mothers whose children died in Bach’s care and accountability for 105 other cases.

As soon as this news spread on social media, people condemned Renee as the “Angel of Death.”

Eventually, Bach became a horrifying example of white saviorism. At the start of the trailer for HBO’s Savior Complex, Renee says,

I think some of the most wild accusations that were made about me is that i killed 800 children,i was medically experimenting on children.

She explained that all the allegations were made by community members who disliked her, and none was true.

Renee Bach performing medical surgery.
Renee Bach had no formal medical training yet performed medical treatments on children. (Source: Twitter )

Furthermore, this docuseries will address the wider questions around “white saviors,” including commentary from Bach, accusers, and mothers seeking to hold her accountable.

In an interview with ABC News, Bech said she understands why people may quickly label her a “white savior.”

She admitted she first came to Uganda with that mentality but never meant to hurt anyone.

Recently, Bach has settled the lawsuit brought against her in Ugandan civil court with the help of her lawyer.

Hopefully, people will know the truth about this controversy after releasing the docuseries Savior Complex on HBO.

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