Below are direct links to our various non-roundtable reviews.


The A-Team by Cory Barker and Myc Wiatrowski

“Mexican Slayride” Parts 1 and 2

“The Children of Jamestown” and “A Nice Place to Visit”

airwolf title card

Airwolf by Cory Barker and Myc Wiatrowski

“Shadow of the Hawke” Parts 1 and 2

“And They Are Us” and “To Snare a Wolf”

U.S. Astro Boy titlecard

Astro Boy by Noel Kirkpatrick

“The Birth of Astro Boy” and “Adventure on Mars”

“Time Machine” and “Führer ZZZ”

“Uran” and “Robot School”

“The Egyptian Conspirators” and “Cleopatra’s Necklace”

“Cape Town Lullaby” and “The Dreaming Machine”

Beauty and the Beast by Jessica Ritchey

“Once Upon a Time in the City of New York” and “Terrible Savior”

“Siege” and “No Way Down”

“Masques” and “The Beast Within”

“Nor Iron Bars a Cage” and “Song of Orpheus”

“Dark Spirit” and “A Children’s Story”

“An Impossible Silence” and “Shades of Grey”

“China Moon” and “The Alchemist”

“Temptation” and “Promises of Someday”

“Down To A Sunless Sea” and “Fever”

“Everything is Everything” and “To Reign In Hell”

“Ozymandias” and “A Happy Life”

“Chamber Music” and “Remember Love”

“Ashes, Ashes” and “Dead of Winter”

“God Bless the Child” and “Sticks and Stones”

“A Fair and Perfect Knight” and “Labyrinths”

“Brothers” and “A Gentle Rain”

“The Outsiders” and “Orphans”

“Arabesque” and “When the Bluebird Sings”

“The Watcher” and “A Distant Shore”

“Trial” and “A Kingdom By the Sea”

“The Hollow Men” and “What Rough Beast”

“Ceremony of Innocence” and “The Rest is Silence”

“Though Lovers Be Lost” and “Walk Slowly”

“Nevermore,” “Snow,” and “Beggar’s Comet”

The Dick Van Dyke Show by Greg Boyd

“To Tell or Not to Tell”

“Sally is a Girl”

“Empress Carlotta’s Necklace”

“Buddy, Can You Spare a Job?”

“Who Owes Who What?”

“Sol And The Sponsor”

“The Curious Thing About Women”

“Punch Thy Neighbor”

“Where Did I Come From?”

“The Boarder Incident”

“A Word a Day”

“The Talented Neighborhood”

“Father of the Week”

“The Twizzle”

“One Angry Man”

“Where You Been, Fassbinder?”

“The Bad Old Days”

“I Am My Brother’s Keeper”

“The Sleeping Brother”

“The Return of Happy Spangler”

“Never Name a Duck”

“The Two Faces of Rob”

“The Attempted Marriage”

“Bank Book 6565696”

“Hustling the Hustler”

“My Husband is Not a Drunk”

“What’s in a Middle Name?”

“Like a Sister”

“The Night the Roof Fell In”

“The Secret Life of Buddy and Sally”

“A Bird in the Head Hurts”

“Gesundheit, Darling”

“A Man’s Teeth Are Not His Own”


Fawlty Towers by Les Chappell

“A Touch Of Class” and “The Builders”

“The Wedding Party” and “The Hotel Inspectors”

“Gourmet Night” and “The Germans”

“Communication Problems” and “The Psychiatrist”

“Waldorf Salad” and “The Kipper and the Corpse”

“The Anniversary” and “Basil the Rat”

Frasier title card

Frasier by Ashley Amon and Andrew Daar

“The Good Son” and “Space Quest”

“Dinner at Eight” and “I Hate Frasier Crane”

“Here’s Looking at You” and “The Crucible”

“Call Me Irresponsible” and “Beloved Infidel”

“Selling Out” and “Oops”

“Death Becomes Him” and “Miracle on Third or Fourth Street”


Freaks and Geeks by Emma Fraser & Julie Hammerle


“Beers and Weirs”

“Tricks and Treats”

“Kim Kelly is My Friend”

“Tests and Breasts”

“I’m With the Band”

“Carded and Discarded”

“Girlfriends and Boyfriends”

“We’ve Got Spirit”

“The Diary”

“Looks and Books” and “The Garage Door”

“Chokin’ and Tokin'” and “Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers”

“Noshing and Moshing” and “Smooching and Mooching”

“The Little Things”

“Discos and Dragons”

Hill Street Blues Season Two by Cory Barker

“Hearts and Minds”

“Blood Money” and “The Last White Man on Ferry Avenue” 

“The World’s Second Oldest Profession” and “Fruits of the Poisonous Tree”

“Cranky Streets” and “Chipped Beef”

“The World According to Freedom” and “Pestolozzi’s Revenge”

“The Spy Who Came in from Delgado” and “Freedom’s Last Stand”

“Of Man and Mouse” and “Zen and the Art of Law Enforcement”

“The Young, the Beautiful and the Degraded” and “Some Like It Hot-Wired”

“Personal Foul” and “Shooter”

“The Invasion of the Third World Body Snatchers”


Hunter by Cory Barker and Myc Wiatrowski



Justice League by Noel Kirkpatrick

“Paradise Lost” Parts 1 and 2

“Fury” Parts 1 and 2

The Larry Sanders Show Title Card

The Larry Sanders Show by Cory Barker and Les Chappell

“What Have You Done For Me Lately” and “Promises”

“The Spiders Episode” and “Guest Host”

“The New Producer” and “The Flirt Episode”

“Hank’s Contract” and “Out of the Loop”

“The Talk Show Episode” and “Party”

“The Warmth Episode” and “A Brush With (the Elbow of) Greatness”

“The Hey Now Episode”


MacGyver by Cory Barker and Myc Wiatrowski


Magnum PI titlecard

Magnum, Cory Barker and Myc Wiatrowski

“Don’t Eat the Snow in Hawaii” Parts 1 and 2

“Never Again, Never Again” and “Beauty Knows No Pain”


Miami Vice Season One by Cory Barker

“Brother’s Keeper” (Pilot)

“Heart of Darkness” and “Cool Runnin'”

“Calderone’s Return” Parts 1 and 2

“One Eyed Jack” and “No Exit”

“The Great McCarthy” and “Glades”

“Give a Little, Take a Little” and “Little Prince”

“Milk Run”

“Golden Triangle” Parts I and II

“Smuggler’s Blues” and “Rite of Passage”

“The Maze” and “Made For Each Other”

“The Home Invaders” and “Nobody Lives Forever”

“Evan” and “Lombard”

My So-Called Life by Emma Fraser & Julie Hammerle


“Dancing in the Dark”

“Guns and Gossip” and “Father Figures”

“The Zit” and “The Substitute”

“Why Jordan Can’t Read” and “Strangers in the House”


“Other People’s Mothers”

“Life of Brian” and “Self-Esteem”

“Pressure” and “On the Wagon”

“So-Called Angels”




“In Dreams Begin Responsibilities”

Oniisama e... titlecard

Oniisama e… by Noel Kirkpatrick

“The Magnificent Ones”

“The Glass Slippers” and “Nanako is Disqualified?”

“The Music Box” and “Thorns of Suspicion and Doubt”

“Lost and Alone” and “The Darkness in the Clock Tower”

“I Want You” and “Relapse, Broken Heart”

“Mariko…” and “Under the Elm Tree”

“The Scar” and “A Tale of Double Suicide”

“The Secret Door” and “Fukiko: The Sea Rumbles”

“Comeback” and “Post Scriptum”

“Into the Dream” and “A Fleeting Game”

“The Gardening Shears” and “The University Fair”

“A Summer’s Serenade” and “The Forbidden Gift”

“Encore” and “The Scarlet Lipstick”

“The Promise in the Snow” and “An Incident of Bloodshed”

“The Christmas Candles” and “The Assembly”

“The Petition” and “The Bad Apple”

“Pride, and the Final Meeting” and “Fly High”

“Ablution” and “A Beach of Dreams”

“Glowing Fireflies, Blazing Passion” and “Carousel”

“Yes…” and “A Lingering Fragrance”

Prime Suspect (UK) by Les Chappell

Series 1, Part 1

Series 1, Part 2

Series 2

Series 3

Series 4, “The Lost Child”

Series 4, “Inner Circles”

Series 4, “The Scent of Darkness”

Simon & Simon titlecard

Simon & Simon by Cory Barker and Myc Wiatrowski

“Details at Eleven” and “Least Dangerous Game”

“Earth to Stacey” and “Tanks for the Memories”


So Weird by Cameron White

“Family Reunion”

“Web Sight”

“Memory” and “Sacrifice”

“Escape” and “Simplicity”

“Angel” and “Strangeling”


“Tulpa” and “Singularity”

“Lost” and “Will O’the Wisp”





“Listen” and “Mutiny”



“Second Generation” and “OOPA”



“Strange Geometry”

“Fall” and “Destiny”


“Avatar” and “James Garr”


“Fathom” and “Roswell”




“Transplant” and “Twin”

“Lightning Rod”

“Talking Board”

“Detention” and “Eddie’s Desk”



“Exit 13”

“Carnival” and “Earth 101”

“Beeing There”



“Grave Mistake” and “Pen Pal”


“The Muse”

“The Great Incanto”

“Meow” and “Widow’s Walk”

“Babble” and “Mr. Magnetism”

Super Friends by Andy Daglas & Noel Kirkpatrick

“The Power Pirate”

“The Weather Maker”

“The Brain Machine / The Joy Ride / The Invasion of the Earthors / The Whirlpool”

“The Secret Four / Tiger On The Loose / The Mysterious Time Creatures / The Antidote”

“Wanted: The Super Friends”

“Revenge on Gorilla City”

Wonder Woman season 1 title card

Wonder Woman by Kerensa Cadenas & Noel Kirkpatrick

The New Original Wonder Woman (Pilot movie)

“Wonder Woman Meets Baroness Von Gunther”

“Fausta: The Nazi Wonder Woman”

“Beauty on Parade”

“The Feminum Mystique” Parts 1 and 2

“Wonder Woman vs. Gargantua”

“The Pluto File”

“Last of the Two Dollar Bills”

“Judgement from Outer Space” Parts 1 and 2

“Formula 407”

“The Bushwackers”

“Wonder Woman in Hollywood”

Wonder Woman (1974 pilot movie)

“The Return of Wonder Woman”

“Anschluss ’77”

“The Man Who Could Move the World”

“The Bermuda Triangle Crisis”


“The Pied Piper”

“I Do, I Do”

“Mind Stealers from Outer Space” Parts 1 and 2

“Light-Fingered Lady”

“Diana’s Disappearing Act”

“The Girl From Ilandia”

“The Deadly Sting”

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