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Who Is Rick Owens Step Daughter Scarlett Rogue?

An American fashion designer from California, Rick Owens, is mostly famous for his gothic style of clothing, and his career took off when he first met Michèle Lamy, with whom he has a step-daughter.

Richard Saturnino Owens is a Paris-based fashion designer with a unique style of design.

His eccentric Gothic designs make his brand different from others.

He mostly prefers silhouette colors for his clothes with a grunge-goth aesthetic.

Rick has remained in the business for decades, and his product has a highly devoted fan base.

Meanwhile, Rick’s wife, Michèle Lamy, has been his strongest supporter throughout his career; she was somewhat of an inspiration for Rick’s early designs.

Michèle and Rick Owens married in 2006, and they have a daughter named Scarlett Rogue, who is a famous artist herself.

Rick Owens Daughter: Who Is Scarlett Rogue?

Born on September 10, 1981, Scarlett Rogue, who is currently 42 years old, is the step-daughter of Rick Owen.

Scarlett mostly lives in Fontainebleau, Paris, but sometimes she lives in California as well.

Rouge and her family all together posing for beside a pool.
Rouge is known for her edgy and androgynous style. (Source: Instagram)

Rouge has an artistic personality, just like her parents, Rick and Michèle.

She completed her BFA in photography in 2002 at the California Institute of Arts.

Later, she transitioned to painting and completed her studio studies in installation art.

Rouge’s nomadic lifestyle heavily influences her through mythos and geographical location, as she enjoys navigating between cultures.

In addition to that, She is not a religious person. Instead, she uses her art as a religious movement, expressing her beliefs through art.

Her mother greatly influences her life, as she mentions in her interview with StyleLikeU that

She taught me a lot of things, but not by saying.

Furthermore, she adds that “I learned more by observing and being around her, watching her work.”

Rouge’s work often uses symbolic language, as she paints playfully and expresses her emotions loudly and clearly in her paintings.

Michèle, her mother, thinks that her art is expressive and talks too much.

She painted her first mural at her stepfather’s office, where she created art with a plethora of emotions.

Scarlett making art wearing red gloves and a tool.
Scarlett studied at the same school as Megan Markel. (Source: Instagram)

One such part of the painting was the illustration of people fighting for peace.

Rouge very candidly says that it makes no sense, as we cannot fight and find peace.

In addition to that, her artwork is inspired by the teachings of Jung and Campbell, as she views artists as modern-day shamans.

Interestingly, Rouge mixes story-telling and mysticism in her unique art style.

Miss Rouge describes herself as a colorful person when compared to her parents, as she prefers styling herself in colorful clothes, unlike her parents, who prefer mostly black.

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Language Of Art With Scarlett Rouge

Scarlett has displayed her work in various exhibitions and publications across the US, France, and Italy.

Rouge has organized several solo exhibitions; her most recent exhibition was Astral Portraits and Earthly Remains at The Lodge, Los Angeles, in 2023.

Scarlett watching her art from a ladder.
In her free time, Scarlett prefers doing yoga, traveling, and dancing. (Source: Instagram)

Some of her other solo exhibitions include Beyond the Walls of Eden and Blithe Spirit at Torino, Italy, in 2016 and 2013, respectively.

In addition, she also displays her work in group exhibitions such as the White Cube in Paris, the Paratissima Exhibit and Fair in Italy, and the Jancar Gallery in Los Angeles.

Rouge’s work often makes appearances in mainstream magazines such as Interview, Flair, Icon Design, The Wall Street Journal, and many more.

Other than that, Scarlett is a private person; she creates no controversy and has remained low-key pretty much all her life.

After knowing so much about Rick Owens and his daughter, we can understand the reason for her modest lifestyle.

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