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Is Rick Riordan Zionist? Controversy Of The Percy Jackson Cast

Percy Jackson author Rick Riordan has garnered immense backlash online after sharing his opinions on the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict, and many have accused him of being zionist. Find more in this article!

Richard Russell Riordan Jr. is an American author best known for writing the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.

Riordan’s books, translated into forty-two languages, have garnered sales of more than thirty million copies in the United States.

Further, his books have spawned related media, such as graphic novels and short story collections.

Riordan’s first full-length novel was Big Red Tequila, which became the first book in the Tres Navarre series.

However, many have directed online backlash at Rick Riordan for his controversial opinion on the current conflict, labeling him as a Zionist.

Is Rick Riordan Zionist? Unraveling The Truth!

Amid the present Israel-Gaza conflict, several celebrities have expressed their perspectives.

On October 17, the writer Rick shared his experience at the Boston Book Festival and New York Comic Con on his official blog.

Further, the assault in Gaza on Israelis and Palestinians, according to the author, ‘appalled’ him.

He expressed sympathy for those who lost loved ones and those whose lives, particularly children’s, were shattered by tragic events.

Rick sitting on his favorite chair relaxing.
Before becoming an author, Rick taught English, social studies, and mythology. (Source: Instagram)

Before addressing it, Rick Riordan Middle East opinion stirred controversy, causing netizens to brand him a Zionist.

On December 3, one of the popular X users took to the social networking site to list authors who must be boycotted for supporting Israel.

Further, it included many fiction writers, such as Sarah J Mass, Taylor Jenkins Reid, Lynn Painter, Christina Lauren, J K Rowling, Rebecca Yarros, and Rick Riordan.

In his blog post, Rick Riordan opens up his view of the conflict by saying this:

While I am always glad that my books can help young readers find joy during difficult times, my heart breaks every time I hear about the things they have to deal with.

Nevertheless, online users highlighted the unsettling nature of the post, noting its emphasis on book values rather than human concerns.

Rick dancing as he is excited for the new Percy Jackson movie.
Rick’s mom was a musician and artist, and his dad was a ceramicist. (Source: Instagram)

Hence, the post amassed over 1.5 million views when writing this article.

Netizens took to attacking Rick Riordan after he extended support to both countries in his blog post, labeling him as a Zionist.

Despite having such a platform, authors like Rick have displayed their neutrality or controversial stance.

Accused of being a Zionist, Rick Riordan faces reduced support as many refrain from endorsing both him and his works.

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Why Is Rick Riodarn Dealing With Several Backlashes?

Along with the zionist backlashes, Rick Roidarn is amid controversies for his upcoming Disney Plus series.

During a recent interview, the interviewer questioned Rick about a racial term in the new movie Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Hence, it was revealed that a Black actor would play a main character described as white in the book.

Further, the blunder went viral on TikTok, X, and Instagram, with native speakers criticizing Rick and the directors.

Percy Jackson author Rick Riordan reflects on the backlash to Leah Sava Jeffries’ Annabeth casting, doubling down on defending the actor.

Rick Roidarn with the young cast of Percy Jackson and the Olympians.
Rick Riordan’s favorite gods and goddesses are the Greeks. (Source: Instagram)

Following several lackluster film adaptations, Disney Plus is set to adapt Riordan’s beloved source material into a new show.

As casting stirred backlash, racist fans objected to a Black actor portraying a character described as a blonde white girl in Riordan’s book.

Riordan promptly silenced toxic fans, asserting that casting isn’t a suitable controversy, aligning with the spirit of his franchise.

However, many claimed that the series’ casting is perfect and appreciate the makers for such a masterpiece.

Nevertheless, Riordan’s increased involvement in Disney Plus’ Percy Jackson and the Olympians promises an improved adaptation compared to the films.

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