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Rocker Steiner Wikipedia, Grandfather: Rodeo Man, Actor In Yellowstone

Rocker Steiner, a breakthrough bareback rider, has made a special appearance on Yellowstone as a rodeo competitor. But does Rocker Steiner have a Wikipedia? Let’s find out!

Rocker Steiner comes from a rodeo family and has been a breakthrough bareback rider for the past two seasons.

At 18, he won the Resistol Rookie of the Year Award after his phenomenal 2022 rookie season.

Steiner notably won the renowned Calgary Stampede in Calgary, Alberta, in 2022.

Moreover, throughout the 2023 PRCA regular season, Steiner has won thirteen different rodeos. 

In addition, Rocker Steiner has dabbled in acting, having starred in Yellowstone as a special character.

Nonetheless, followers surely love Rocker Steiner and his work, making them eager for his Wikipedia.

Rocker Steiner Wikipedia, Grandfather: Family of Rodeo

According to some sources, Rocker Steiner was born in 2003, making him 20 years old now.

Steiner comes from a family of rodeo athletes, and his grandfather, Bobby Steiner, was the 1973 PRCA Bull Riding World Champion.

Steiner making a rock sign with his hands.
Steiner comes from a family of Rodeo athletes. (Source: Facebook)

Additionally, his father, Sid Steiner, was the 2002 PRCA Steer Wrestling World Champion, and his mother, Jamie Steiner, qualified for the NFR in 2000. 

Although he comes from a family of rodeos, no one expected him to get into rodeo.

As a matter of fact, at a young age, Steiner took wakeboarding as a sport, and at just 3 years old, he got on his first board.

His first flip was at the age of eight, and the following year, he won the 10-and-under world title.

Steiner is a red shirt.
No one in Rocker Steiner’s family expected him to get into rodeo. (Source: Twitter)

Ultimately, Rocker Steiner’s grandfather suggested he try out on a bucking horse, and it has been a project ever since.

At 16, Rocker stated he wanted to be a World Champion like his grandfather and father.

Nonetheless, now at just a teenager, Rocker has won various rodeos.

To Rocker Steiner’s success, he has always been appreciative of his family, and his family has also always been proud of him.

Despite such success, the Rocker Steiner does not have a dedicated Wikipedia page.

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What Does Steiner’s Career Look Like?

Rocker Steiner is from a family of rodeo athletes, and he won various rodeos as a teenager.

Steiner’s specialty is bareback riding, a strenuous sport requiring extraordinary strength, balance, and technique.

Following his incredible 2022 rookie season, he was awarded the Resistol Rookie of the Year Award of 18.

Furthermore, in the world standings for PRCA bareback riding in 2022, Steiner came in tenth place. 

Rocker Steiner is riding a horse.
In 2023, Steiner won thirteen different rodeos during the 2023 PRCA regular season. (Source: Facebook)

This year, Steiner won over $27,000 in the rodeo and took home the championship saddle at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo.

With $143,123 in earnings for the season already, Rocker Steiner is looking to add to that this upcoming NFR. 

Nonetheless, Steiner is getting closer every year to winning the World Championship.

Rocker Steiner’s accomplishments and achievements have garnered him a dedicated fan base that admires his fearless approach.

So, the fans were disappointed when they learned there is no Wikipedia page dedicated to Rocker Steiner.

Additionally, he has also played a role as a rodeo competitor as a special appearance in the series Yellowstone.

A rising star in the sport of rodeo, Steiner is dedicated to his work and has a strong love for it.

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