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Meet Rod Wave Parents: Charmaine Newsome And Rodney Green

The singer, famous for his strong voice, is known for having a traumatizing history, which is why people are curious about the parents of Rod Wave.

Rod Wave, also known as Rodarius Marcell Green, is a well-known American rapper.

He’s famous for his unique style, mixing hip-hop and R&B with powerful vocals, creating a genre called soul trap.

One of his songs, Heart on Ice, became a hit in 2019 thanks to YouTube and TikTok. It also reached number 25 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Moreover, his first album, Ghetto Gospel, reached number 10 on the US Billboard 200.

Furthermore, the single Rags2Riches from his second album, Pray 4 Love, reached number 12 on the Hot 100 and peaked at number 2 on the Billboard 200.

In 2021, his third album, Soulfly, made it to the top of the Billboard 200. Later, this marked his first number-one album.

Thus, people have become more curious about Rod Wave’s background, which might have led to such continuous success. However, they’ve found that his past wasn’t easy.

This is why there’s been an increase in searches for information about Rod Wave’s parents.

Rod Wave Parents: Background Story

Rod Wave was born in St. Petersburg, Florida, on August 27, 1999, to Afro-American parents Charmaine Newsome and Rodney Green.

The media mentioned that he had a tough childhood due to his parents’ separation while he was in elementary school.

As for the job, Rod’s dad, Rodney, used to be involved in street activities.

It was how he supported Rod financially until he went to prison for six years.

Rod wave parents- father
Rod Wave’s father also had the dream of becoming a rapper. (Source: Instagram)

Afterwards, the parents of Rod Wave separated, and he lived with his mom.

Later, when financial support became difficult, Rod turned to illegal activities. He was involved in dealing drugs, robbing, and more.

Upon his father’s release, he realized the dangerous path Rod was on and encouraged him to pursue music.

Afterwards, his dad bought him a microphone, and his brother got him a computer to help him turn his life around.

Meanwhile, recently, Rod Wave’s mother, Charmaine Newsome, organized a charity event, demonstrating her support for her son.

rod wave mother
Rod wrote the song “Letter to Mama” for his mother.

Despite their separation, both parents of Rod Wave continue to show love and support for their successful son.

However, Rod Wave doesn’t share much about his personal life on social media, preferring to keep his life private.

Hence, not much is known about the parents of Rod Wave.

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Rod Wave Career And Net Worth

Rod Wave’s journey in the music industry began with his dad buying him a microphone. He started playing around with the equipment and made some mixtapes.

At first, it was just a hobby to keep him away from street troubles.

Surprisingly, people in his local area began to like his music, and he realized he had talent.

Further, this led to him signing with Alamo Records and working with artists like Moneybagg Yo.

In 2019, he dropped a mixtape called PTSD. One of its songs, Heart on Ice, became super popular on social media, especially TikTok.

Rod wave in front of the car orange dress
Rod believes he still has a long way to go. (Source: Instagram)

Following this success, he released his first studio album, Ghetto Gospel, in the same year.

In 2020, he came out with his second album, Pray 4 Love, which made it onto the Billboard charts.

Meanwhile, what makes Rod Wave special is that he’s not just a rapper or singer; he’s also a great storyteller. His songs connect with people who may feel lost or troubled.

On the other hand, as of 2023, Rod Wave’s net worth is around $5 million. He makes his money from selling his albums and doing concerts.

Additionally, he rakes in hundreds of thousands of dollars from his live performances.

In one of his famous lyrics, Rod Wave said, “There is no love until you get rich and famous,”.

It is something he believes and experienced that fame and success can change people’s attitudes toward you.

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