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Roma Daravi Wikipedia, Age: Former White House Deputy Director

As a former White House Deputy Director, Roma Daravi continues to prove herself as a name to be reckoned with in journalism as many look for the Wikipedia of the established personnel. Let’s explore this further in the article!

Roma Daravi is a remarkable woman whose expertise and political insights have graced the screens.

She has provided valuable information on the current scenario as a debate panelist on Fox News and Fox Business.

Further, Daravi’s confident delivery has brought the viewers a world of knowledge and discovery.

Currently, she has been advocating for the Trump administration for the 2024 elections.

As she often appears on major news channels, netizens want to know more about Roma Daravi leading to an increased search for her Wikipedia.

Roma Daravi Wikipedia, Age: Former White House Deputy Director

Despite her remarkable achievements and career, Roma Daravi lacks a Wikipedia page.

However, the professional profile of the media personality provides her admirers an insight into her background.

Born in 1995, Roma Daravi is a 28-year-old broadcasting journalist who is a notable example in the field.

Roma with her parents
Daravi has won several titles as a ballerina. (Source: Instagram)

Growing up as a California native, Daravi spent her childhood enjoying her life to the fullest by following her passion.

Moreover, her parents own Strapsunlimited, a luggage company, which helped instill a business mindset.

Regardless of Roma Daravi not having a Wikipedia, she had already made her name as a professional ballerina.

Further, Daravi attended the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts which helped her to achieve the position of principal classic ballet dancer.

After retiring from the field, she had various positions including Event Planning and Public Relations Coordinator at Kristie’s Foundation.

Along with her work, Daravi joined Chapman University and earned a bachelor’s degree in television broadcast journalism.

She started as a host, writer, and producer at Raeken Inc. while also acting as a reporter for her university’s news.

With such experience up her sleeves, Daravi was offered radio and TV production work at CHOC Children.

Roma Daravi carrying a dog
Daravi has excelled in journalism as well as business. (Source: Instagram)

To add to the long list of achievements in her future Wikipedia, Roma Daravi joined companies like Entertainment Tonight and Laplame magazine.

Her expertise in media landed her a job in the advance team for President Donald Trump.

Similarly, Daravi was Executive Assistant to the Director of Communications in the 58th President Inaugural Committee.

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Roma Daravi’s Net Worth: Journey From Broadcast Journalism To White House

After years of hard work, Roma Daravi was in the spotlight as she worked as the press secretary in the US Small Business Administration.

Moreover, the journalist joined the executive office of the President and fulfilled several roles.

Roma Daravi in front of White House
Daravi often shows her support for the Trump administration. (Source: Instagram)

Daravi was responsible for directing radio and broadcast media as an assistant for a few months.

Additionally, she quickly rose through the ranks and became the deputy director of broadcast media.

After working with President Trump for two years, Daravi was appointed as the director for strategic communications.

Her departure from the executive team paved the path for the journalist to venture into her own business.

Currently, the media personality is the founder and CEO of Daravi Strategies LLC, a company specializing in public affairs.

Roma Daravi in a state conference
Daravi maintains a public social media account with significant followers. (Source: Instagram)

All these milestones have resulted in a remarkable net worth for the former White House Deputy Director.

Further, it is estimated that the net worth of Roma Daravi is approximately 2 million US dollars.

Daravi coming into the public eye has resulted from her often traveling with her family.

As she continues on a path of journalism, many note that she still has a long way to go in her career.

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