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Romance With A Twist Wikipedia: Hallmark Movie Cast, Reviews & Plot

Viewers seek the Wikipedia of Romance With A Twist to learn more about the Hallmark movie’s plot, summary, and casting details. Let’s unfold the romance drama further in this article!

Premiered on January 27, 2024, Romance With A Twist is a heartwarming story between Luna and Bennett.

The movie incorporates the beauty and grace of the aerial performance while exploring the romantic connection between the characters.

Moreover, the Hallmark movie features a cozy festival of arts that displays the values of small-town, family, and friends.

Meanwhile, the aerial stunts in the movie look easy but take a lot of training and strength to perform.

With an extraordinary performance from the talented actors, many search for the Wikipedia of Romance With A Twist.

Romance With A Twist Wikipedia: Hallmark Plot Details

Despite a significant rating of 6.6 out of 10, Romance With A Twist seems to be lacking a Wikipedia page.

However, it has not diminished the film’s ability to keep the audience hooked by its unique plot.

The enchanting story begins with Luna, a former dancer who has left her dream behind to join her family’s construction company.

Romance With A Twist official poster
The movie encourages people to follow their dreams. (Source: Instagram)

She encounters a life-changing opportunity when she takes up a job to turn a gymnasium into an aerial studio.

Further, Luna tries to give the graceful dance a chance when she crosses paths with Bennett.

He is an Olympic gymnast who is in town to perform for his sister’s program, The Festival of Arts.

However, he lacks a partner for the performance and even holds a lengthy audition in the studio.

After consideration, Bennett agrees to pair up with Luna but the pair struggle with the gap in their skills.

However, Luna is determined to prove herself and even gets the support of her family.

As the story progresses, reporters storm the aerial studio and note that the partners lack connection and chemistry on the stage.

Meanwhile, Luna realizes that she has developed feelings for the performer but is hesitant to express them.

Luna from Romance With A Twist
Luna gives up her passion to help her family business. (Source: Instagram)

Soon they pour their soul into the performance which is praised by the townspeople and friends.

At the end of Romance With A Twist, Bennett decides to tour around the world with his new partner.

With such a heartwarming premise, fans hoped for a Wikipedia page for the Hallmark movie, Romance With A Twist.

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The Hallmark Movie Cast & Reviews: Did The Actors Perform The Stunts?

Viewers were disappointed by the lack of Wikipedia for Romance With A Twist as they looked for the cast details.

The movie features a Hallmark familiar face, Jocelyn Hudon (Luna), who has starred in several classics like When Hope Calls, and Love in the Maldives.

Further, she has used her graceful techniques as a trained personality at the National Ballet School of Canada.

Luna and Bennett performance in Romance With A Twist
Bennett preferred to shut down his feelings. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, Olivier Renaud (Bennett) was previously a performer in Paris and trained under Philippe Gaulier.

So, the lead cast members performed most of their stunt work for the film.

Likewise, other amazing actors played their roles to perfection to bring light to the romantic drama.

  • Candice Lidstone- Gabby
  • Stephanie Herrera- Katrina
  • Jamie Champagne- Henry
  • Naomi Gaskin- Audrey
  • Tanya Clarke- Rosie
  • Darrin Baker- Richard
  • Rebecca Applebaum- Candice
  • Alice Hamid- Holly

Fans particularly enjoyed the chemistry between the main lead, making the movie an enjoyable story.

The actors with movie director
The movie sets a simple tone with a great writing style. (Source: Instagram)

Further, the plot presents the message of overcoming one’s fear and comfort zone which is a traditional touch from Hallmark.

The looming tension of moving forward haunts both Luna and Bennett, but they decide to take the chance.

Now, Romance With A Twist is available for streaming on platforms like Peacock.

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