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Ron Vachris Wikipedia, Age: How Old Is The President Of Costco

Upon being appointed as the new CEO of Costco, the number of people asking for Ron Vachris Wikipedia page has significantly increased. 

Ron Vachris is a highly acknowledged businessman and newly appointed CEO of Costco. 

After working as CEO since February 2022 and working closely with Craig Jelinek, Costco’s former CEO, Ron was appointed to the position.

Holding a history of more than 40 years of serving in the company, Vachris is regarded as one of the respected figures in the business realm.

Nonetheless, after the news surfaced about his appointment date, the search for Ron Vachris Wikipedia page has significantly increased on the internet recently.

Ron Vachris Wikipedia: Journey From Driver To CEO

Despite inspiring many young entrepreneurs and corporate position holders, the Wikipedia page of Ron Vachris is still unavailable.

So, to make it easy for his fans and well-wishers, we have brought an article about the Wikipedia page of Ron Vachris.

Ron Vachris completed high school education in his hometown, Phoenix, Arizona.

Similarly, he graduated with a degree in business from Glendale Community College. 

The CEO first started his journey at Costco as a forklift driver. Later, he switched positions in various management warehouse operations in the company. 

Office where Ron Vachris works at
Ron Vachris first started working at Costco as a driver. (Source: X)

With time, he entered the decision-making team at Costco and successfully started working as the Chief Operating Officer in 2022.

Before this, Ron served as Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Northwest Region in 2010.

Similarly, in 2015, the authorities promoted him to Senior Vice President of Real Estate Development for a year. 

Additionally, Mr. Vachris worked as executive vice president of merchandising from June 2016 to January 2022 before serving as CEO. 

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How Old Is The President Of Costco Ron Vachris?

Being a renowned figure in the business world is not easy. It attracts attention to their life and family and brings unnecessary recognition to their profile. 

In addition, business enthusiasts are always looking at their profile, including age, religion, and date of birth. 

And it is no different for Ron Vachris as well. His rising popularity makes his supporters curious about his personal and professional life. 

Ron Vachris was born on May 13, 1965, into a close-knit family in Phoenix, Arizona. Currently, he is 58 years old. 

Nonetheless, despite his age, Ron has presented himself as a reputed and respected figure in the business industry. 

Ron Vachris with his colleagues
Ron Vachris is a well-known CEO of Costco. (Source: X)

While looking at his pictures, many suspect he is younger than his age. However, he confirmed his date of birth and celebrated his birthday on May 13 every year.  

Moreover, many people suspect Ron might suffer from any disease due to his old age.

However, to date, there has been no information regarding his health sickness, and he also seems to be living a healthy life with his family. 

Ron’s major health secret might be his hardworking behavior, as he started working from a young age.

Ron was 18 when he started his career at Costco and has come a long way. 

Through his hard work and dedication, he has become a source of inspiration for many Costco workers throughout the years. 

Adding more to this, Ron’s constant thriving nature towards his work is truly commendable.

Despite being in his late 60s, he has still managed to run the company successfully. 

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