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Is Ross Stevens Jewish? Religion & Ethnicity Curiosity Over Antisemitism In Penn

The founder of Stone Ridge, Ross Stevens’ recent decision to withdraw donations from Penn over antisemitism, has made many wonder if it is because he is Jewish. Let’s find out.

Ross Stevens founded the company in 2012 and currently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer.

After the success of Stone Ridge Asset Management, he founded another company, New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG), in the year 2017.

Ross Stevens is the Executive Chairman of his company, New York Digital Investment Group.

Currently, Ross Stevens is in the headlines for withdrawing a donation worth $100 million from the University of Pennsylvania.

It is because of how the University is dealing with antisemitism. This has made many curious about whether Ross Stevens is Jewish.

Ross Stevens Withdraws $100 Million Donation Amid Antisemitism Concerns 

Ross Stevens, who is also a former student of the University of Pennsylvania in 2019, pledged to give a huge donation to the Wharton School.

Wharton School is one of the parts of the University of Pennsylvania.

Stevens Ross
Ross Stevens does not want any ties with Penn for now. (Source: Twitter)

The donation was $100 million and was supposed to go to the Stevens Center for Innovation in Finance.

Stevens Center for Innovation in Finance is a group at the University of Pennsylvania for financial technology research.

However, a certain situation has led Ross Stevens to withdraw the huge donations from the University.

A letter written by the team of Ross Stevens to the University of Pennsylvania and Penn Medicine on December 7th of 2023 is getting viral.

He mentions that he does not agree with the University’s take on antisemitism.

A recent congressional hearing further fueled the situation where the University’s president, Liz McGill, statements failed to satisfy many.

Liz’s statements have further made the situation very complex. (Source: Instagram)

With the ongoing situation in Israel and the Hamas war, concerns were raised about antisemitism at the University of Pennsylvania.

The hearing was a tough one for President Liz McGill. She was facing a lot of criticism for not being able to handle the whole situation properly.

Further, Ross Steven adds he wants Liz McGill to resign from the position and then only continue the donation.

Otherwise, he won’t be making any donations to the University.

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Is Ross Stevens Jewish? Reason For Cutting Ties With Penn!

One statement that offended many people was Liz’s regarding whether civil violated university rules if she called for the genocide of Jewish people.

The discussion seemed like it was going to be never-ending.

However, after some back and forth, Liz McGill finally agreed that her statements did not sound so good.

Now, Ross Stevens and his team are saying that this situation breaks the University’s agreement with his company.

Ross Stevens Jewish
Whether Jewish or not, Ross Steven is getting praise for his decision. (Source: Twitter)

He feels like it could harm the company’s reputation, and cutting ties with the University will be a good idea for now.

This situation has led many to get curious about whether Ross is especially doing this because of his religion or ethnicity.

People wonder if Ross Stevens is Jewish, which is why he decided.

However, Ross Stevens is very private, and there is not much of him on the internet.

Ross Stevens does not have a Wikipedia page or any social media handles, which would give us any idea about whether he is Jewish or not.

His actions could have been inspired by his worry about the company’s reputation if they did not cut ties with the University of Pennsylvania.

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