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Round And Round Wikipedia: Hallmark Movie Summary And Cast

As per tradition, Hallmark is back again with its new movie, Round and Round, celebrating the jolly season of Christmas. Now, the Wikipedia for the Hallmark movie explores the plot summary and cast of Round and Round.

While many celebrate Christmas, there are just as many who celebrate the Jewish holiday of Hannukkah.

The Hallmark movie Round and Round takes us on a trip to look at the festival with a new lens.

Further, the plot follows Rachel, who is stuck in a time loop and looking for answers.

Moreover, Round and Round does a perfect job of capturing the chaos and excitement that comes with the joyous festival.

Now, with the Wikipedia of the Hallmark story, Round and Round, let’s dive into the plot summary and cast details.

Round And Round Wikipedia: Hallmark Movie Summary

At the beginning of the Wikipedia, let’s explore the chaotic plot of the Hallmark classic, Round and Round.

It is the seventh night of Hannukkah, and assistant literary editor Rachel is headed for her family’s annual party.

Further, the day also aligns with her parents’s first meeting anniversary.

Round and Round Rachel
A spin of a dreidel causes trouble to Rachel. (Source: IMDb)

Later, Rachel receives jelly doughnuts from a bakery but crashes into Zach at a train station.

Disappointed, she heads to her family home, where a party is about to begin.

Moreover, her grandmother Rosie introduces Rachel to an art instructor who turns out to be Zach.

Meanwhile, Rachel already has a boyfriend, Adam, who bails out at the last minute to meet her family.

As the party progresses, Rachel’s grandmother hands her a magical dreidel meant to change lives.

However, the dreidel’s spin triggers shocking events as her house catches on fire.

Likewise, Rachel finds herself stuck in a time loop and compares it to Groundhog Day.

After explaining her story to Zach, he decides to help the editor with the assistance of his best friend.

Round and Round Rachel and Zach
Rachel finds her true love on the holiday. (Source: Instagram)

As they navigate the problem, Rachel develops feelings for Zach and breaks up with Adam in one of the loops.

Similarly, it is revealed that everyone in Rachel’s family has spun the dreidel once.

Meanwhile, her dad encourages the editor to publish her book, which she has worked on for a long time.

At the end of Round and Round Wikipedia, Rachel makes life-altering decisions, giving a twist to the Hallmark classic.

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The Hannukkah Story: Cast Details And Review

The Wikipedia of Round and Round is incomplete without a look into the cast of the Hallmark movie.

Directed by Stacey N. Harding with a story crafted by Tamar Laddy, Round and Round proudly showcases the Jewish heritage.

Further, Vic Michaelis (Rachel) and Bryan Greenberg (Zach) performed their best.

Round and Round main lead
Zach helps Rachel throughout the story. (Source: Instagram)

Some of the other notable cast of the Hallmark movie Round and Round are:

  • Rick Hoffman- Stan
  • David Attar- Adam
  • David Epstein- Josh
  • Marnie Mahannah- Soshana
  • Amitai Marmorstein- Seth
  • Miles Marthaller- Noah
  • Nicole Oliver- Joanna
  • Paula Shaw- Grandma Rosie
  • Tal Shulman- Young Stan
  • Morgana Wyllie- Cynthia

Meanwhile, Round and Round shouldn’t be overlooked amidst several Christmas movies as it is a great romantic comedy.

Further, the story combines a fantasy element with a holiday, which has a magical spirit.

The overall pacing of the Hallmark movie is perfect, with funny pop culture references and realistic dialogues.

Moreover, the performances from the supporting cast, like Rick Hoffman, are worth looking forward to.

Round and Round premiered on December 10, 2023, on the Hallmark Channel.

Similarly, Hallmark’s holiday movie lineup is available to stream on platforms like Peacock.

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