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Ruby Guest Wikipedia, Age: Meet Jamie Lee Curtis Daughter

Being the daughter of Jamie Lee Curtis, netizens are curious to know the personal and professional details of Ruby Guest, eventually prompting the search for her Wikipedia page.

Ruby Guest, a transgender woman, is famous as the adopted daughter of renowned actress Jamie Lee Curtis and director Christopher Guest.

She is also known for her contributions to the realm of video game modification.

Came out as a transgender in 2020, Ruby has emerged as a great parent in both the transgender network and the gaming enterprise.

Notably, in May 2022, Ruby celebrated a momentous private milestone by marrying her partner, Kynthia.

Moreover, adding a familial contact to the rite, Jamie Lee Curtis officiated her trans daughter’s union.

Ruby Guest’s tale is certainly one of resilience, expertise, and the harmonious intersection of personal and professional existence.

Her personal and professional life has made netizens interested in having more information about Ruby Guest and searching for it on Wikipedia.

Ruby Guest Wikipedia: Age, Bio, And Early Life

Despite her notable achievements and contributions to the gaming industry, Ruby Guest still lacks a well-dedicated Wikipedia page.

So, we have brought some personal life and facts about Ruby Guest relevant to a Wikipedia article.

Ruby Guest was born in March 1996 in California, United States, making her 27 years old in 2024.

Ruby Guest with her mother
Ruby Guest is a private person and has not been very active on social media. (Source: PageSix)

Further, raised along with her sister Annie Guest, Ruby’s adoptive parents followed her and her sibling.

Moreover, she completed her schooling at a neighborhood non-public school earlier than delving into her gaming career.

Maintaining a non-public lifestyle, Ruby does not reveal much information about herself.

However, in the year 2020, she publicly came out as transgender lady, formerly referred to as Thomas Guest.

Ruby Guest pictured in suit with her mother
Ruby Guest is of white Caucasian ethnicity. (Source: TheSun)

Two years later, in May 2022, Ruby Guest celebrated her marriage to her companion, Kynthia.

They both celebrated in a unique World of Warcraft-themed wedding held in their own family’s outside.

As for her career, she is a famous gaming editor and entrepreneur, emphasizing her commitment to her expert role as a gaming editor.

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Ruby: Relation With Jamie Lee Curtis And Her Family

Ruby Guest is the daughter of respected actress Jamie Lee Curtis and her husband, Christopher Guest.

Furthermore, Ruby Guest possesses a distinctive position within her renowned family.

Adopted in 1996, Ruby had her upbringing with her older sister, Annie Guest, who is now a professional dancer and trainer.

Ruby’s journey took a vast turn in 2020 while she courageously got here out as a transgender female.

Moreover, the Curtis-Guest family has been a pillar of assistance for Ruby throughout her transition.

Ruby Guest smiling alongside her famous mom
Ruby Guest’s zodiac sign is Pisces. (Source: TheSun)

Jamie Lee Curtis, a famous actress, has brazenly expressed her love and pride for Ruby.

In an interview, she stated, “As a mother, I stand in total team spirit with my youngsters as they pass ahead inside the universe as their proper selves.”

Similarly, the family’s guide extended to Ruby’s massive existence and marriage to her accomplice, Kynthia.

The precise World of Warcraft-themed wedding ceremony in May 2022 was officiated by Jamie Lee Curtis herself.

This gesture highlighted the familial bonds and the shared joy in celebrating Ruby’s proper self.

Being part of a celebrity family, Ruby has shared glimpses of her lifestyle on social media.

Subsequently, she showcased her connections with loved ones, including Helen Lita Westergard, Emanuel Schwartz, and Leslie Haden-Guest.

Nonetheless, the family help and connection underscore the importance of popularity and love in the Curtis-Guest household.

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