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Is Sam Frank In Jail? Vitaly Pressed Charges On N3on Girlfriend

A recent altercation involving Russian YouTuber Vitaly VitalyzdTv and Kickstar N3on’s girlfriend, Sam Frank, has stirred controversy. The incident led to Sam Frank being pulled over by the police, raising questions about whether she is in jail.

Samantha Frank, popularly known as Sam Frank, is a prominent influencer and content creator on TikTok.

Nevertheless, her popularity soared due to her role as N3on’s girlfriend and frequent appearances on his livestreams.

Sam Frank’s transition from TikTok to Kick has brought attention to her content and the controversies fueling her growing popularity.

Meanwhile, the incident with VitalyzdTv resulted in police involvement, causing netizens to speculate that Sam Frank is in jail.

Is Sam Frank In Jail? Vitaly Pressed Charges On N3on Girlfriend

Sam Frank has been in online disputes with notable figures like Adin Ross, a former friend of Rangesh.

Recently, she became embroiled in a conflict with the prankster and content creator VitalyzdTv, resulting in police involvement.

Sam laying in orange car
Sam Frank is 20 years old as of now. (Source: Instagram)

This left many netizens curious about whether Sam Frank is in jail and if Vitaly pressed charges.

Nevertheless, Sam Frank is not in jail, and specific legal consequences remain uncertain.

In the incident, she attributed the consequences to Vitaly, placing the blame on him.

However, Sam later decided to apologize to Vitaly for her actions, contributing to de-escalating the incident.

I’m sorry King Vitaly. I’m so sorry, sir because you know what, if I do this again, I will end up in jail, and that’s just, that’s unnecessary. For views? Who cares, you know?

Despite her previous concerns, Sam was recently spotted in a livestream with N3on at a restaurant.

Sam Frank wearing a pikachu cap
She has been considered as a controversial personality. (Source: Instagram)

Therefore, the recent appearance of Sam Frank in a livestream suggests that she is not in jail.

Nevertheless, this is not the first controversy Sam has found herself in; it’s just one among several.

These conflicts added drama to her online persona, captivating followers and reinforcing her prominence in the streaming and content-creation community.

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What Happened Between Sam And Vitaly? Controversy Explained!

Amidst the Adin Ross drama, a new controversy with Russian prankster VitalyzdTv heightened the tension around Sam Frank.

In the livestream, Vitaly approached N3on for an autograph and displayed a series of printed images off-camera.

sam in pink top
As a holder of American citizenship, she proudly represents her Filipino-American heritage. (Source: Instagram)

However, the images were enough to provoke a reaction from the crowd and offend Sam Frank. The situation intensified when Sam Frank confronted VitalyzdTv and spat on his face.

The YouTuber didn’t take this lightly and decided to involve law enforcement, calling the cops on Sam.

Following the incident, in N3on’s livestream, the police pulled over the vehicle, stating the necessity to speak with Sam in the back.

Meanwhile, as the conversation progressed, the officers at the scene informed N3on and Sam that her actions could potentially result in battery charges.

Sam Frank in orange skirt
Sam Frank has 839k followers on Instagram as of now. (Source: Instagram)

Despite initial reports of dropped charges, Vitaly filed a police report at the station during a live broadcast.

So, we made a police report. The detectives will be calling me Monday or Tuesday and if they’re not, I’ll be following up.

Nevertheless, supporters of both parties are anxiously anticipating any additional updates on this situation.

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