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Samantha Lewes Wikipedia, Death: Meet Former Tom Hanks Wife

After sharing a rare photo with his father, Tom Hanks, Chet Hanks piques netizens’ curiosity about Tom’s first wife, Samantha Lewes, prompting active searches for information about her on Wikipedia. Who is she? Let’s find out!

A talented actress, Samantha Lewes skillfully blended beauty and intellect, capturing the full attention of her fans.

She gained fame for her role in Mr. Success and co-starred with Tom in the 1980 TV series Bosom Buddies, which was pivotal in launching Tom’s career.

However, Samantha Lewes garnered more attention through her personal life, having been married to actor Tom Hanks.

Tom Hanks is a renowned American actor and filmmaker, celebrated for his versatility and recognized as a global film icon.

Unfortunately, Samantha passed away at the age of 49, leaving a void that is felt deeply by those who knew and loved her.

Nevertheless, even after many years, people continue to show interest in learning more about Samantha Lewes.

Consequently, the number of people searching for the Wikipedia page of Samantha Lewes has also risen.

Samantha Lewes Wikipedia, Death: Meet Former Tom Hanks Wife

Despite many years since the death of Samantha Lewes, people are still keen to learn more about her personal life, and they keep searching for her Wikipedia page.

Since her Wikipedia page is unavailable, we provide you with complete information surrounding the life and death of Samantha Lewes.

Samantha Lewes son and daughter.
Samantha Lewes was best known for her work on Mr. Success and Bosom Buddies. (Source: Twitter)

Samantha Lewes, originally named Susan Jane Dillingham, was born on November 29, 1952, to John Raymond Dillingham and Harriet Hall Dillingham in San Diego, California.

Although most of her personal information is private, Lewes faced family challenges when her parents separated and her mother raised her.

Additionally, she spent her childhood in California, Hawaii, Florida, and Virginia.

Samantha Lewes, who had an early interest in performing, went on to college to study theater.

Following her education, Samantha Lewes relocated to New York City to pursue her acting career further.

In the early 1980s, Samantha Lewes played a noteworthy role in the film “Mr. Success.”

Despite not amassing numerous awards, she was a remarkable achiever in her own right.

Tom Hanks with his present wife Rita Wilson and their children.
Samantha Lewes and Tom Hanks had two children: Colin Hanks and Elizabeth Hanks. (Source: Twitter)

Beyond her brief acting career, Samantha Lewes is best remembered for her relationship with Tom Hanks.

Samantha met him in college, and they married in 1978. The couple had two children together, Colin Hanks and Elizabeth Hanks.

However, their marriage encountered challenges and ultimately ended in divorce in 1987.

Tom Hanks attributes his divorce to marrying at a young age out of loneliness and taking on additional responsibilities prematurely.

Samantha Lewes’s life concluded in 2002 at the age of 49.

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How Did Samantha Lewes Die? Health & Sickness

Lewes, diagnosed with bone cancer after a routine checkup, tragically had only a few months to live as the disease had spread to her lungs and brain.

A blur photo of Tom and Samantha
At the age of 49, Samantha Lewes passed away due to bone cancer. (Source: Twitter)

Sorrowfully, Samantha Lewes, 49, passed away in Sacramento, California, on March 12, 2002.

Samantha Lewes’ deteriorating health, managed only with pain relief, profoundly affected Tom Hanks despite their divorce.

Samantha Lewes passed away over two decades ago, yet her memory endures in the hearts of many.

She bravely battled cancer till the end of her life, and her fans will never forget the good things she did in her life.

Samantha’s children and her efforts in the film industry continue to carry on her legacy.

Even after all these years, people are still searching for the Wikipedia page of Samantha Lewes, which shows people still love and remember her.

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