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Sanjay Mortimer Wikipedia, Death: How Did E3D Co-Founder Die?

After more than two years of his tragic death, the co-founder of E3D, Sanjay Mortimer is back in the limelight as people globally shifted their attention toward his Wikipedia.

Sanjay Govin Mortimer was an American entrepreneur who was widely recognized as the founder of E3D.

He co-founded the company in 2012 along with two other friends, Dave and Josh.

The E3D is a 3D printing technology company that is driven to change the way humanity manufactures goods.

Meanwhile, Sanjay contributed so much to the technology that eventually put E3D on the map.

However, after nine years of starting the company, he tragically lost his life.

Moreover, following his death, more people became curious about his personal life and are eagerly searching for the Wikipedia of Sanjay Mortimer.

Sanjay Mortimer Wikipedia: Early Life And Education

Despite his significant contributions to the technology, Sanjay Mortimer doesn’t have a well-dedicated Wikipedia page for him.

So, we have come up with some details about Sanjay’s personal life that are relevant to a Wikipedia article.

Sanjay Govin Mortimer was born to his parents Clive Mortimer and Shamala Govindasamy on February 8, 1989, in Tiverton, Devon, England.

Sanjay Mortimer captured folding his hands wearing a white shirt.
Sanjay struggled with ADHD since his childhood. (Source: Twitter)

Although further details about his parents are not publicly disclosed for now, he did grow up in a supportive family.

He was raised alongside 9 siblings whose names are, Ayisha, Francesca, Tomm, Jhenna, Jessada, Miaomi, Katherine, Alex, and Aled.

Growing up in the Oakford and Exeter area, Sanjay attended the Exeter School for his initial studies.

Later, he went on to complete graduation from two different universities.

First, he completed a course from Newcastle University followed by another course at the University of Exeter.

Furthermore, after graduating from the university, Sanjay Mortimer initially started his career as a teacher at Wymondham College.

Eventually, after working as a tutor for almost a year, he ventured into the world of 3D printing.

Taking his passion to the next level, Sanjay co-founded E3D online alongside a friend in the year 2013.

Sanjay Mortimer captured in a blue shirt.
Sanjay’s journey in the 3D printing initially started after he bought a printing machine with his friend. (Source: Twitter)

The 3D printing company that initially started as a hobby soon turned out as one of the most successful ventures in the industry.

Unfortunately, after contributing for more than nine years to the business, Sanjay passed away on November 27, 2021.

Although he passed away at an early age, he surely left a lasting impact on the field of 3D printing and technological innovations.

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Details On Sanjay’s Contribution To The 3D Industry

Despite his short-lived life, Sanjay’s influence in the 3D industry was profound and beyond forgettable.

One of the major missions he shared with E3D aimed to revolutionize FDM 3D printing, focusing on changing the production process of manufacturing goods.

Sanjay Mortimer captured wearing fun glasses.
Sanjay Mortimer was one of the brilliant minds in the 3D printing industry. (Source: Twitter)

Meanwhile, his utmost commitment and visionary approach gained him widespread attention worldwide.

Furthermore, his contribution to the E3D is truly inspiring to those with the visionary mindset to change the world.

Apart from the 3D printing business, Sanja actively contributed to educating people all around the globe.

Nevertheless, his passion for 3D printing combined with his commitment and hard work is a testament to the long-lasting impact he has left behind.

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Cause of Sanjay Mortimer’s Death

The death news of Sanjay first came in on December 1, 2021, from his company, E3D through a statement.

According to the statement, Sanjay passed away on Saturday 27th November 2021.

Sanjay captured in a passport size frame.
The void from Sanjay’s loss will remain forever in his family. (Source: Twitter)

The statement further highlighted his contributions along with the heartfelt message from the organization.

Following the news, tributes started pouring from his friends and fellow personalities of the 3D printing community.

Although, the actual cause of his death has still not made its way to the public at his family’s request.

But according to some sources, it might be either an accidental overdose or a suicide.

Nevertheless, it is better to respect the privacy of Sanjay’s family and not poke our heads in the matter.

And let’s hope Wikipedia will soon recognize the contributions of Sanjay Mortimer and dedicate him a place on their website.

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