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Is Sara Sidner Married? Husband, Family And Kids

Sara Sidner, a popular American CNN reporter, loves updating her fans about her personal life, but the details regarding her husband and children remain private.

She was born in 1972 on May 31st, to an African-American father and a British mother.

She is a highly educated individual with a degree in telecommunications from the University of Florida.

Regarding her career as a reporter, she works as a co-anchor for the morning show on CNN News Central.

She used to have her subscription service titled Big Picture with Sara Sidner on CNN+.

Currently, she is in the headlines for an unfortunate announcement that she made about her breast cancer.

Her fans are curious if Sara Sidner is married and has a husband, as they keep searching on the internet for information regarding them.

Is Sara Sidner Married? Husband, Family And Children

Talking about her marital life, various reports suggest that Sara Sidner is married to a businessman, Robert O’Brien.

Sara Sidner looking gorgeous on a full black outfit.
Sara Sidner ensures that her life in the limelight does not affect her family or loved ones. (Source: Twitter)

She allegedly met him through familiar friends and tied the knot a few years after dating.

Sara Sidner is a very private person when it comes to her personal life and has never shared anything about her husband online.

We do not know her dynamics with her alleged husband, Robert O’Brien.

There is also no detail available about whether the couple share children.

It appears that Sara is very serious about not letting her family be a topic of discussion among her followers.

However, after the announcement that she made about her breast cancer, her fans have been wanting to know more details about her family.

The announcement came at the end of her CNN show on January 8th. She was very emotional while announcing her stage 3 breast cancer but was trying to keep it together.

CNN anchor Sara Sidner at a event.
CNN anchor Sara Sidner is a powerful woman, which shows on the screen. (Source: Twitter)

Sara also says that she is not a smoker, so it was a shock when she found out about her cancer.

She adds that she is currently in her second month of chemo treatment.

Further, the CNN news anchor will go through other procedures soon, including radiation treatment.

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Sara Sidner Opens Up About Breast Cancer Battle

Despite being in such a scary situation, Sara Sidner made sure to spread awareness about breast cancer among her fans.

After speaking up about her own experiences, she goes on to add how shocked she was to discover specific details about the disease.

Sara Sidner Husband
Let’s hope Sara Sidner has her husband Robert by her side during her journey in battling cancer. (Source: Twitter)

Whereas, One of the information was about how Black women are 40% more likely to die from cancer.

It may have been terrifying for her to know this detail as she is black from her father’s side.

Therefore, she encourages her female viewers to keep updated on their health by doing monthly health checkups.

At the end of her announcement, she chokes up, saying she is grateful for her situation.

Moreover, she says that the cancer has taught her to be happy with her life.

Sara has become more aware of her blessings and is thankful to have her loved ones with her.

Let’s hope Sara Sidner is doing well and fights the disease with proper treatment and support for her family and husband.

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