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Is Scott Kirby Gay? Sexuality Of United Airlines CEO

The CEO of United Airlines, Scott Kirby, is now trendy on the internet, and a question has arisen regarding his sexuality among his fans whether he is gay or not.

Scott Kirby is an American business executive currently serving as the CEO of United Airlines.

He was appointed United’s CEO in 2020 at a challenging time as the COVID-19 pandemic was rocking the airline industry.

However, Kirby made every effort to guide United Airlines through the crisis as passenger volumes were collapsing at the time.

Outside work, Kirby lives with his wife, Kathleen McCleary, and their seven children.

Despite this, some unverified online sources have circulated rumours about the sexuality of Scott Kirby and contemplated he might be gay.

Debunking The Rumors Of Scott Kirby Being Gay

There is no credible evidence to suggest that Scott Kirby, the CEO of United Airlines, is gay.

Rumours have circulated online and on social media that Kirby is secretly gay or a drag queen who has been incorporating drag into United Airlines.

However, these rumours appear completely unsubstantiated as Kirby has never made any public statements indicating he is anything other than heterosexual.

Further, Kirby has been married to his wife, Kathleen McCleary, since 1993, which eventually debunked his gay rumours.

Scott Kirby with his family
Scott Kirby has donated money to both Republican and Democratic politicians and Steve Bullock’s presidential campaign in 2020. (Source: Instagram)

Also, the couple together share seven children, four boys and three girls.

Hence, neither the professional background nor verified reporting on the personal life of Scott Kirby points to him being gay.

Without any credible evidence or sources, claims about Scott Kirby being secretly gay or a drag performer should be treated sceptically.

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Scott Kirby’s Career Details And Net Worth

Scott Kirby began his aviation career in 1995 at America West Airlines, working in various planning and financial analysis roles.

Five years later, he moved to US Airways as vice president of sales and eventually became President in 2006.

After US Airways merged with America West, Kirby was appointed President of the merged US Airways Group.

He helped lead the merger between US Airways and American Airlines in 2013, which created the world’s largest airline.

Kirby briefly served as President of American Airlines before leaving in 2016.

In late 2016, United Airlines recruited Kirby to be its President. He took over as CEO in 2020, replacing Oscar Munoz.

During his first year as CEO, the COVID-19 pandemic caused United’s revenue to drop by 67%.

Scott Kirby with female pilots
Scott Kirby also oversaw daily operations and marketing and sales strategies as President. (Source: Instagram)

Kirby helped steer United through this crisis by securing loans, reducing costs, and positioning United to meet renewed travel demand.

Consequently, his management during 2020 led to United outperforming its competitors.

In his 25+ year aviation career, Kirby has earned respect as an expert on mergers, financial recovery, and driving growth.

With respect, he has amassed a considerable amount of wealth as well. As of 2023, Scott Kirby has an estimated net worth of $46 million.

Moreover, his skills have proven vital for United Airlines during a challenging period for the airline industry.

Barring major issues, Kirby will continue leading United’s post-pandemic recovery efforts.

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