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Sean Strickland Brother Kevin: Father, Mother And Family Info

Among various discussions about Sean Strickland, people have been mostly curious to learn about his life and his brother. So, let’s delve into the tales they have uncovered.

Sean Strickland is an American fighter in the UFC. He began his professional fighting career in 2008 and even became the King of the Cage middleweight champion.

By August 1, 2023, he is ranked #5 among middleweight fighters in the UFC. Strickland is known for his straightforward and sometimes harsh manner.

Furthermore, Sean Strickland’s parents like to avoid public attention and keep their personal lives private.

This privacy has sparked curiosity about Sean’s background, including information about his siblings and any controversial statements he’s made about the UFC and other fighters.

Let’s delve into Sean Strickland’s family, his outspoken comments about the UFC, and some highlights from his past.

Is Kevin the Brother Of UFC Fighter Sean Strickland?

Amid controversies surrounding the three fighters, many have questioned whether Kevin is the brother of Sean Strickland.

While Kevin and Keith Lee share a brother bond, Sean Strickland has no blood relation to them.

The trio’s connection revolves around their professional rivalry. Besides his notable UFC achievements, Sean Strickland stands out for his outspoken views.

Kevin and Keith side to side shocking reaction
Sean is not related to Kevin and Keith by blood (Source: Twitter)

Sean Strickland grew up in Corona, California, but details about his family remain undisclosed. Likewise, due to personal challenges, Sean pursued his career in mixed martial arts. 

On the other hand, Kevin Lee is an American former professional mixed martial artist. Moreover, he has competed in various UFC divisions and is currently in the Welterweight Division.

Likewise, his brother, Keith, fights in Bellator. Additionally, Kevin and Keith have other siblings including each other. Every sibling trained together honed their skills, and supported each other in the sport.

To clarify, Sean Strickland’s tie to Kevin and Keith stems from their competitive relationship in mixed martial arts, not a familial one.

Sean Strickland’s Feud with the Lee Siblings

The three fighters have a long-standing disagreement among them. Sean Strickland has earned recognition for his impressive UFC record and for making controversial statements.

Especially, once when Sean Strickland had a heated discussion with Keith Lee, the brother of Kevin Lee. During this conversation, Keith accused him of being racist.

In defense, Sean tried to prove he wasn’t racist by making inappropriate remarks, including mentioning that he had relationships with more black women than Keith.

Kevin and Sean side to side shirtless
Sean challenged Kevin to defend the honor of his brother (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, Sean has openly talked about his past involvement with neo-Nazi beliefs and how his upbringing influenced his earlier views. 

There have been instances where people have accused Sean of racist behavior. However, in this situation with Keith, Sean makes accusations.

He claimed that Keith expressed a dislike for all white individuals.

Furthermore, Keith strongly responded to Sean’s version of events, stating that they were already discussing racial topics when he intervened.

According to Keith, all he did was disagree with some of Sean’s statements.

Following this, Sean called out Kevin, challenging him to defend his brother’s reputation. In response, Kevin declined the challenge, siding with his brother Keith’s perspective.

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Sean Strickland’s Parents: Relationship With His Father And Mother

Sean Strickland’s parents actively avoid public attention, ensuring their identities and professions remain private.

Since childhood, Sean has limited his interactions with his father. However, he shares a close and positive bond with his mother.

Despite the challenges of his family’s past, Sean courageously reveals the harrowing experiences of his upbringing, which left deep scars due to his father’s actions.

Sean Strickland in front of board of Maggie Mine shirtless
Abuse and misfortune marred his early years (Source: Instagram)

His dad often acted dangerously due to drinking and drugs, making life tough for him and his mom. Sadly, in 2017, his dad died from cancer at age 50.

Additionally, Sean asserts that his father showcased racist and homophobic tendencies, deeply affecting Sean throughout his life.

Likewise, he often emphasizes his mother’s invaluable role in his life, stating his struggles to convey his immense gratitude.

When his mother remarried, Strickland openly expressed his joy, attending her significant day with warmth and happiness. He publicly commended his new stepfather, showcasing his ability to forgive and embrace this new phase in his mother’s life.

However, no information has revealed Sean has siblings. Moreover, controversies have primarily drawn attention to his life.

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